Who will be more likely to help others out of the borg, adulterous vs walk aways??

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  • jam

    If you was DF for one of the gross sins it makes it

    difficult to open someone eyes to the truth. Someone

    who walked away, folks may be curious why you left...

    It doesn't make sense to be DF for adultery and try to

    open someone eyes about the borg, make sense???

    In other words you carry little weight, your credibility is shot

    but should it stop you from trying???

    Curious to know, when I say gross sin (adultery would be the only one)

    and ones who have walked, who have been more successful in

    aiding others out. An hypocrite is hard to live down..

    My eyes were open by a brother (elder) that commited adultery..

  • OneEyedJoe

    For me it probably would've depended on the delivery. If someone commits adultery, but accepts the responsibility for what (s)he did, then they might've been able to reach me. If they tried to say it was because of the sexual repression that the org inflicted upon them during their developmental years, I'd immediately stop listening (even though it may well be true).

  • jam

    OneEye:Good point:What ever the reason "accepts the responsibillty for

    what (s)he did..That's the key...

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