Finally some good news for JWs from science!

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  • Pinku

    Now JWs can ask: What is the big deal about bringing changes in teaching! Did not such a great scientist, Stephen Hawking, create ripples by saying that his most famous discovery of black holes did not actually exist, after all?

    And Hawking is only a tip of the ice-berg! Here is a list of greatest scientific hoaxes!

  • sparky1

    The difference is that Hawking doesn't claim to speak for Jehovah God.

  • Pinku


    There is one more difference! JWs claim that theirs is a “spirit-guided organization,” and still make mistakes! Whereas the scientists are in an advantaged state—they do not claim that they are dealing with certainties: "Not only is it not certain, but it's the lack of certainty that grounds scientific thinking (that) is a constant reminder to us that we don't know the answers," writes physicist Carlo Rovelli in Universe, an anthology on the origin, mysteries and future of the cosmos .

  • This is my tigersuit
    This is my tigersuit

    hawking never said that black holes dont exist. his words were taken out of context, fyi. check it out online please

  • nicolaou

    Don't recall anyone losing their family because they disagreed with a scientific paper . . .

  • bohm

    Well in that case a person should ask them what exactly SH said which is in fact very different from how the OP summarized him; SH is speculating about the event horizons quantum properties.

    Also i fail to see why most entries on that list are scientific hoaxes.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    A hoax is something deliberate, a deliberate deception. I don't think Steven hawking meant to deceive. He was mistaken.

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