The other side of the Ashya King story

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  • Mickey mouse
  • cofty

    Very balanced article.

    People who have been using this incident to bash the doctors, the NHS and the UK government should learn to reserve judgement.

  • nicolaou

    Jw's may jump on the error about only 144,000 being saved but that doesn't change the valid concerns raised. I sure hope the prospect of Ashya receiving Chemotherapy in the UK - with the common treatment that goes along with it - isn't revealed to be a major factor here . ...

  • JeffT

    Whenever a new treatment for something appears, people go crazy trying to get it for themselves or their loved ones, even before we know anything about its effectivness or side effects. This treatment may not be appropriate for this case, and I doubt the parents know more about it than the doctors.

  • tornapart

    Just been reading this from the results of the court hearings. The judge in the case seems very reasonable and compassionate towards the parents. Very interesting.

    Interesting what he had to say about the developments:-

    "I therefore conclude that the local authority acted
    entirely correctly in applying to the High Court, and further that Judge Arthur was
    right, on the evidence before him, to make Ashya a ward of court. My comments are
    confined to the matters within the family jurisdiction. I make no comment as to
    whether or not it was appropriate to seek a European Arrest Warrant. I merely observe
    that one consequence of this course was that Ashya was separated from his parents
    and left alone for several days in the Spanish hospital. As I observed at the hearing on
    2nd September, whatever the rights and wrongs of his parents’ actions, it was not in
    Ashya’s best interests to be separated from them in such circumstances."

  • cofty

    As usual there were a rush of long threads attacking doctors/NHS/UK government.

    The facts will be quietly ignored by those same people.

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