Organized Social Entertainment from 08/1960 KM

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    Organized Social Entertainment from 08/1960 KM (The indoctrination for the future)

    1 From one locality it is reported that there is a regular arranging of social events, not at the Kingdom Hall where such sociabilities are prohibited, (emphasis added) but in halls rented on the outside, and that to these events the brothers of not only one congre­gation but of others in the vicinity are invited. The motive for holding these parties is set forth as being to enable particularly the young folk of the congregations to get bet­ter acquainted with one another. In one district there seems to be a trend in this direction of holding large-scale social affairs, ostensibly to increase inter-congregational ac­quaintanceship and to enjoy togeth­er several hours of relaxation and to do so in a safe way so that no worldliness or no worldly ele­ments insinuate themselves.

    2 The brothers responsible for such social gatherings on a large scale try to rationalize in behalf of the propriety of holding such so­cial events. Some time ago it was even suggested to the Society that it ought to appoint in each congre­gation a servant of entertainment to arrange for and organize and supervise social engagements of this kind in the congregation, or in conjunction with other congrega­tions. The Society then let it be known that it would not appoint any so-called servant of entertain­ment.

    3 The servants authorized by the Word of God are appointed to serve the spiritual needs of the brothers. The same is true of the congrega­tion Kingdom Hall. The fact is that the purpose of the entire con­gregation organization is to upbuild the brothers spiritually and to aid them in accomplishing the serious, highly important work that Jeho­vah God has commissioned us to do. Giving attention to these spir­itual matters, therefore, leaves lit­tle time available for the arranging and holding of social events.

    4 Also, if regular social events drag on through the night until after midnight and early into the morning of the next day the physi­cal relaxation intended by these so­cial events is counteracted by the fatigue the participants experience the succeeding day when they should be at their fittest to take care of their spiritual responsibilities in the field and at the service centers and at the Kingdom Hall. Social events easily open the way for love affairs and involve couples in difficulties. The wholesome atmosphere on these occasions, if held regularly, is liable to deteriorate.

    5 Worldly elements whose interest is mainly in having a good social time with the opportunities that it affords for non-spiritual things are quite willing to attend such social functions, not primarily to get ac­quainted with spiritual people to be influenced spiritually. Such occasions are used by brothers to invite per­sons who can hardly be called re­liable publishers, ostensibly, so to speak, to encourage them and to make them feel at home with the brothers, to show them that we are not strait-laced and do have good times among ourselves. It is re­ported that the participants in some cases not being satisfied, with what is served inside the rented hall go to the outside for particular re­freshments and that some begin to be careless about their conduct and language, mistakenly feeling that Christian relaxation allows for such.

    6 Hence the Society feels obliged to repeat that it is not in favor of such a trend and refuses to recognize or co-operate with any such appoint­ment of a servant of entertainment or master of ceremonies for social gatherings of such kind. The Day is drawing near. For this reason the apostle says we are all the more to gather together, not for mere social pleasures, but to consider one another from a spiritual standpoint and to incite one another, not to sexual love, but to love of God and of neighbor and to incite to right works in harmony with our Chris­tian commission and to make public declaration of our hope without wavering in order that others may be strengthened in the enjoyment of the same faith and -hope and may never waver. The place for thus gathering together all the more so because the day is drawing near is the Kingdom Hall, where all those attending service centers during the week may gather.

    7 Also in the case of neighboring congregations, the place for the members thereof to get acquainted with the brothers in other congre­gations is at the circuit assemblies and the district assemblies. (Well with the decrease of days and the intermission times, that is not easily the place) The pur­pose of such assemblies is not physi­cal and mental relaxation. It is true that these assemblies enable us to get acquainted with many friends we never knew before, but that is not the prime objective. The an­nounced purpose strictly adhered to is to school ourselves for better per­formance of our ministry in the fu­ture. Such assembly gatherings are a safe and wholesome place for us to get acquainted with one another and to engage in exercises that are profitable and edifying, helping us to redeem the time and to walk wisely because we are in the midst of this world and the days are wicked ones. It is because such as­semblies rest upon a theocratic basis rather than a social. one that we are spiritually refreshed and renewed, and we are warned and safeguarded against the many dangers and wrong tendencies rampant in this world.

    8 Overseers of congregations and their assistant servants are shep­herds of the flock. They must pay attention to themselves and to the flock in a spiritual behalf. Conse­quently they will concentrate mainly upon providing for the spiritual needs of the congregation, attending to their assigned duties rather than diverting themselves to social af­fairs. The New World society of Jehovah's witnesses is no social club.

    9 Let us, then, live now for the new world in a way that befits those who are witnesses of the Most High God, Jehovah, and imitators of his Son, Jesus Christ.

  • Pinku

    Good post. All those attempt to keep the flock united and loving each other had little effect. Flock is on disillusionment!

  • Phizzy

    " The New World society of Jehovah's witnesses is no social club. " well, that was true back then perhaps, but I wonder what the writer of this article would think of today's JW's ?

    Even a GB member dancing around chasing skirt at a social function ?

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