1914-1919 ONE QUESTION???

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    After reading a great article and video by Mr John Cedars on his website:


    It raised a very simple question:

    If Jesus Christ is supposedly the wisest, most perfect, understanding, discerning, knowledgeable, greatest man to ever walk the earth and in the universe why would it take him almost five years to determine wether or not the JW CULT was the chosen one.

    Shouldn't it take between him and God only a split second, better yet shouldn't they have already known that?

    Is the JW CULT saying Jesus and God are so dense they need years to figure it out?

    To add to this C.T. RUSSELLS beliefs in pyramidology, the occult, and freemasonry, and him being buried on a Masonic site to this day with a pyramid tombstone, along with his false predictions, and your telling me Jesus still chose them???

    Google or YouTube it...

    The fairytales of this CULT are laughable!!!

    I'm Sorry I know I said one question...

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah thought that too when I was waking up, jah chose David because of his heart. Know where does it say jah searched the land for many moons then after many years he found favor in David.


    Crazy guy exactly the JW CULT are masters at spin, and can twist a scripture ever so slightly to fit their agenda...

  • clarity

    Dear AD...... how did we believe for so long,

    maybe we wanted it all to be true. Even today

    with everything at their fingertips...they still

    just gulp it down & stagger away home...till

    next time.


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    how did we believe for so long, maybe we wanted it all to be true.

    ...or in the case of many of us, brainwashed from birth.



    Stgeorgeofengland so so true, we are born with this mindset and idea...

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