Bible Highlights(you won't hear at the KH): Why did Jehovah send Balaam away to curse the Israelites ?

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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Peter ,Jude ,Revelation and the book of Numbers add to the a small piece of information to the fascinating story behind Balaam's curse ...

    Why did Jehovah send Balaam away to curse the Israelites ? The account in Numbers 22:20 seems to indicate that Jehovah was the one to Balaam away to curse the Israelites only to get angry with his prophet later . Balak king of Moab sent messengers to the prophet Balaam in the land now Iraq. The messengers brought payments to the prophet to hire him to curse Israel. Balaam wanted the rewards, but he had some relations with Jehovah the God of Israel and he wanted Jehovah’s permission to go curse Israel. However, Jehovah told the prophet: “You must not go with them. You must not curse the people, for they are blessed.” So Balaam refused to return with the older men from Moab and Midian. Balak sent more men to Balaam with an entreaty to the prophet to come curse Israel and gain great honor and riches.(read the rest of the post here...)


    Yawn!!! Sorry, I fell asleep reading that rubbish. We have GOT to get away from the idea that the Bible contains anything of value or in any way needs to be used as a guide to living. It's really just a 2000+ year old book full of fantasies from the writers' fevered imaginations. Stop paying ANY attention to the Bible!!! Come up to present time!! NOW is the only time we really have.

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    If you believe that a story that features as the centerpiece a talking ass or donkey is worth analizing, look at the worf analizing its anal like in ass.

    rule 3 broken?

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    hi guys ,the idea behind me posting this was to analyze versesfrom the Bible Highlights that you 2014-09-07can't find on their website .Of course if you are not a believer the the story of the talking donkey is not not a serious matter . That is why I posted it under the Bible Research & Study Articles.

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