What Happened to Elihu Books? Greg Stafford's Website is Gone!

by BucketShopBill 8 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • BucketShopBill

    I loved this guy, he was cool and now I found out his website domain is up for sale. What happened to Greg, is he still alive and doing well? Did he return to the Organization, any information would be appreciated!

  • scary21

    Just did a search on him. Found ( Watching the Ministry) a blog of his with pretty recent posts. Check it out. Wish I could post a link.

  • BucketShopBill

    The Internet is brutal, my guess is there is not a huge market place for Jehovah Witness Apologist and Greg has gone on to bigger better things? We know he won't return because they are not God's Channel, Greg probably is working on some other project and Elihu might not have met his personal goals, it was a nice website with a fresh interesting take on apologetics for a non-Trinity based opinion. My view has changed on the Trinity because the Organization was so passionate against it, make's me more curious why. Everything the Organization was anti I am finding some not so evil. Why would God kill someone who reads John 1:1 and John 8:40-58, Phillipians 2 if they mistake Jesus for having a greater share of godhood than the Watchtower said.

    Who knows, only Greg knows why he has decided to lay low with his wonderful brain, I wish him nothing but goodness

  • Vidqun

    Allow me to venture a guess: Greg got married and his wife had twins. In their spare time, the happy couple catches up on their sleep.

  • Xanthippe
  • designs

    Could have read a book on Science.........ergo Genesis was the unraveling of his faith.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Greg's discussion forum is here: http://christianwjah.proboards.com/

  • BucketShopBill

    Thank's Yada Yada, I tried to check out those boards but they were very slow and inactive so if Greg had twins that explains it all! God Bless Brother Greg and his family, his work on Blood and JWs false views is outstanding!

  • L3G

    But the latest post is back in early June. Most of the posts are much older. So what's up with thim? Is he still actively doing anything on his board(s)/forum(s)?

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