JW Psychology: Feeling Happy, Content and Secured Inside. But Outside?

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  • ProfCNJ

    I am comparing what an average JW feels (who knows nothing about TTATT) to another JW who knows the TTATT. Let's label the first JW as JW-A and the other JW-B. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

    It's normal for positive emotions to rise (e.g. feeling of happiness, joy, security, etc.) when JW-A is attending the KH meetings and assemblies, and participating in the field service so much so that missing these gatherings or spiritual activities makes him feel guilty, depressed or sad.

    There were times in the past I myself was not happy or not comfortable being in company with non-JWs (a.k.a. worldly) whether in the office or even having a brief chit-chat with neighbors who I grew up with. There seemed to be a voice telling me “they are worldly people, limit your association, they do not know or love Jehovah, they are not a good influence, etc.” But on just the sight of a KH and the brothers, there’s a shift in my emotions. I just feel blessed and contented. When I was supposed to go out in the field ministry and was not able to do it for some reason, I felt bad. Are these feelings normal?

    Now that after more than 1 year of continuing to search more about TTATT, I am more comfortable mingling with non-JWs (e.g. friends, business networks). I began to see others around me and their perspectives differently. Instead of judging those outside as worldly, calling people names, passing instant judgment, I began to be more flexible, learn to apply more the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ about not being judgmental and finding ways to love “my neighbor” without religious discrimination. I lament fellow JW’s calling all the others or system outside of the Organization as belonging to Satan. I even hate very conservative/hardline JWs for shunning former brothers. (Before this transformation, I treated disfellowshipped ones as dead people walking that should not be touched or recognized in any form.) When the WT articles are bashing those in the outside world, judging their destruction, I feel indifferent and my eyebrows would prove it.

    I began to realize that we can do other good and meaningful things outside of the Organization that can bring praise to God and His Son so why always remain a slave to the Organization and its human leaders?

    While a typical JW-A feels contented or fulfilled in being a loyal JW, he/she always sees everything is just temporary under the system of things. Hence, there’s always a cloud of negativity inside him/her. Isn’t that unhealthy psychologically?

    There were occasions I had missed the meetings but I didn’t really miss much the fellowship anymore. Is this a typical JW-B behavior? Can you relate to what I have been going through?

    What can you say to JW-A’s positive feelings of happiness, content and security? Is this just a result of drinking what others call here as kool aid? Is he living just with illusion, living with less care, lack of practical vision and dream in the present because of the bright prospects of a new world? Would JW-A just cling to the Organization and its teachings since he feels secured and fulfilled than leave it and feel like lost in the wilderness?

  • crazyhorse

    That is a great observation. Thumbs up!

  • designs

    Try having a conversation with a JW about current social or environmental issues and not have them throw in the Armageddon solution....

  • Godsendconspirator

    JW's Amargeddon solution is the same when people say "Let's just bomb them back to the stone age" solution when it comes to war. It's esstentially the same isn't it?

  • LostGeneration

    I felt exactly like you did as JW-A before waking up to TTATT. And I'm sure 95% of other JWs do/did as well. So what conclusion does that lead us to? That the WT society programs the troops to think/feel this way, its exactly what they want from those feasting from the fine spiritual provisions they offer.

    For them, "works" equals field service 90% of the time. The only other way to show your allegiance to God was cleaning the KH or working RBC. No other charitable "works" mean a thing because they aren't advancing the goals or the bottom line of the WTS.

    What can you say to JW-A’s positive feelings of happiness, content and security?

    I go back to the old ignorace is bliss saying, they don't think about the deeper issues going on because they've already been given the solution - Armageddon! Most are simply content in feeling they are a special sheep, chosen by Jah to do his work in these last days. Of course they the carrot dangling out there of everlasting life makes things run a little more smoothly if you are an active JW.

  • ProfCNJ

    @LostGeneration, very true. Imagine the weekly indoctrination and constant bombardment about the End "coming very soon", that the New World is very near, that we are just wasting our time in pursuing other goals OUTSIDE of the WT requirements.

    We were prevented from achieving worthwhile goals that are good for humanity at present just because we have conceded that this rotten system of things is about to expire. Imagine if all people will have the mindset of the WT alone? All of us will just become pioneers and preachers (though this in itself is a very important privilege of Christians). How about other equally important facets of meaningful living?

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