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    Collectively the rank and file in the congregation are like a pack of beaten and abused sheep, licking each other's wounds. Telling each other SOON this conditional love, The GB way or the highway, door to door [email protected]&$?, time sucking, money sucking, life sucking, brainwashing CULT will take care of us... Matt 9:36

    They believe persecution is having a door slammed in their face or a house holder telling them to never comeback. They also believe you love your neighbor by sticking a WT and AW in their face, but donating to a charity or just going to talk to your neighbor is evil. Shaving your beard is evil. Not wearing a Suit Jacket at the meeting is evil. Going to school after highschool is evil. Playing sports is evil. Celebrating the day you were born is evil. Celebrating Jesus birth (so what if the date is wrong) is evil. Talking to and associating with family members who were never baptised to often is evil. Thinking that disfellowshipping is not a scriptural doctrine is evil. Talking to a parent who was unscriptually disfellowshipped is evil. Talking to your son or daughter who was unscriptually disfellowshipped is evil. Talking to a friend who was unscriptually disfellowshipped is evil. Saving your childs life with plasma and parts of blood before the year 2000 and their adjustment to their whole blood doctrine was evil. Reading older publications (old light) is evil. Going online to privately do your own research is evil. Reading the bible by itself without the WT libray is evil. Knowing about their UN NGO connection is evil. Knowing they hide and cover child abuse issues is evil. Doubting is evil. Not getting more than 10 hrs in the ministry is evil. Thinking for yourself is evil. The list goes on... What a joke, sadly the rank and file continue to drink the kool-aid and hope all the fairytales this CULT prints will come true. It's sad, but misery loves company...

  • Crazyguy

    The congregation I was attending was pretty loving better then most and my family still goes to this one. Yet still there are sisters crying during meetings in the bathroom do to issues. Wifes still getting beat up by their husbands and not to mention all the stress of not doing enough or being good enough. Add to this the stresses of life and most always being broke. Imagine it must be pretty bad out there in the average congregations..

  • Finkelstein

    Nice rant Adjustments .

    For all those reasons you quoted and more is the very reason I feel sorry for people who've got themselves involved in the religious publishing cult.

  • quellycatface

    Thanks for that. It's good to have it written down like that, in order to remember how crazy the Borg was.

    I used to cry at meetings, I recall the feelings of frustration and utter misery.

  • sporece

    But don't forget "They are the happiest people on earth" and so it is written in their literature, and those magazines are from Jehovah.



    Very true guys...

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