October 4/5 2014 - Armageddon date!

by abbasgreta 4 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • abbasgreta

    My mother has waived her shunning of me as she is seriously ill. Her elders have classed the situation as a 'dire family circumstance' and

    all restrictions have been lifted. Some crazy hypocritical reasonings on the elder's part but who cares? She's loving having us back.

    As my non-jw brother lives with her, I have made it clear that I will continue to visit anyway should things slide downhill.

    I'm having some very interesting conversations with her, managing to get in some pretty juicy wt history etc, but I know when

    to shut up.

    Yesterday I heard her say what we have all wondered about; she is 84 and a jw for 57 years. Here it is:

    " I really believe Jesus is coming back to start Armageddon next month. You see, it will happen on the 4th/5th October. It's been

    one hundred years exactly since he started to reign - yes, next month, I really think that".

    OMG, my poor Mum.

  • Viviane

    JWs are the master of "Free beer tomorrow" to keep people hanging on.

  • nicolaou

    Sorry to hear your Mum is so ill. Forgive the unsolicited advice but maybe it's pointless sharing any WT tidbits with her - juicy or not. Hope you can enjoy as much quality time with your Mum as possible.

    All the best

  • kairos

    I knew someone that would get worked up every October, thinking the end was "this year".

    The end did not come and they found themselves in a mental institution immediately after.

    I cannot recall the number of times this one was intitutionalized, but it's well over 20.

  • stuckinarut2

    Sorry to hear about mum!

    I hope things go as well as possible for her and your family.

    As for the 100 years thing...it amazes me that they are putting so much focus on this period! Remember it is counted using a calendar system that is based on satans wicked world. (lunar calendar and month and day names)

    Why would the "almighty" care about using a worldly time period to mark some eventful activity?

    For all we know, it should be counted in a very different way...

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