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  • objectivetruth

    Hi Everyone,

    A few weeks ago, I mentioned a new tool that I started building which will track Wording Changes and find Trends highlighting Propoganda Techniques in the WT Publications... this is an Update.

    1. A fellow JWN member has joined the Project, (More like he Recruited me to join his already existing Project).

    2. We have made some great Progress. The most exciting news is that we now have a complete Text Catalog of All Watchtower Publications from the 1870's to 2014.

    3. We are building an online Tool which will be "Invite Only" (The site will be free, but certain areas will only be accessible to Approved individuals) . This tool will be similar to wol.jw.org , with 1 main difference.. There will be no "Newspeak" tactics employed on this site. All Articles will remain in their original & Unadultered glory, they will be online and available to search and Research to all members of the site.

    4. The individual that I have partnered with is a very talented Developer, and he has some great ideas for some Intuitive and easy to use tools.. If you want to see How the "Light" has become lighter and darker through the years, on any topic we hope to provide tools that will make all of your research easy and effective.

    5. We are also speaking with another individual who will be creating "The Prodigal Son" (Caleb's Twin Brother, who was DF'd at 8) - This JWN member does Animation profesionally and he has volunteered his time and ideas. He has some Great Ideas for our Un-Witnessing campaign.

    Thank you for all of the Support so far.. We have a few tasks that we could use help with, if you have a few extra minutes per day or week, and you'd like to Volunteer, please message me. (No Hard Hats or Security Badges Required)

    Thanks! - OT

    P.S. This is not a Joke - This is the Real Deal, and additional Details can be provided through PM.

  • Richard_I

    if this project is ever hosted online publicly, it will be taken down by WT's lawyers. doubt they'll appreciate all their copyrighted stuff being hosted somewhere other than their holy website

  • objectivetruth

    Our First Example of Data and Propoganda / Mind Control Techniques Unveiled!

    From 1960 to 2013 The Watchtower used the word "Apostate" on Average 11.8 Times Per Year.

    Along this timeline, there have been 2 Noticeable Spikes in Usage of the word "Apostate".. Care to take a guess at the Time Periods?

    If your Guess started with the Words "Ray" or "Big-A" you are Correct!

    The Year 1976 saw a 400% Increase in the Usage of the Word "Apostate" it was used 28 Times in 1976 (Compared to an average of 6 times per year in the 16 Years Prior)

    During a 6 Year Period spanning from 1981 to 1986 the Word Apostate was seen in the Watchtower constantly! This 6 Year Period saw "Apostate" used 162 Times, an average of 27 Times Per Year.

    The Armageddon False Prophecy took place in 1975.

    Brother Raymond Franz was Disfellowshipped in 1981.....

    (This is not a conclusive study, and it does not include additional words such as "Apostates" or other synonyms for apostate.)

  • objectivetruth

    Here is the Data :

    Year Times Used
    1960 3
    1961 2
    1962 6
    1963 2
    1964 6
    1965 5
    1966 24
    1967 7
    1968 12
    1969 9
    1970 2
    1971 6
    1972 6
    1973 1
    1974 6
    1975 8
    1976 28
    1977 13
    1978 13
    1979 10
    1980 18
    1981 20
    1982 21
    1983 49
    1984 20
    1985 17
    1986 35
    1987 14
    1988 13
    1989 14
    1990 8
    1991 10
    1992 9
    1993 20
    1994 13
    1995 21
    1996 9
    1997 16
    1998 7
    1999 8
    2000 13
    2001 6
    2002 8
    2003 8
    2004 11
    2005 9
    2006 13
    2007 11
    2008 15
    2009 7
    2010 5
    2011 15
    2012 4
    2013 3
    Grand Total 639
  • objectivetruth

    Richard - I live in Sweden (The Land of the Pirate) and I'm impervious to WT litigation. The goal is to restore all of these Documents and Catalog them, our site will not last long online, however there will be Many Downloads for home usage.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • objectivetruth

    " Similarly, unrepentant apostates go, at death, not to Sheol, or Hades, but to Gehenna. (Hebrews 6:4-8; 2 Peter 2:1) The same is true of dedicated Christians who persist in willful sin or those who shrink back. (Hebrews 10:26-31, 38,39) These are merely examples to show that some, even in this system of things, have committed the sin for which there is no forgiveness, not even in the system of things to come." WT 1982-4-1

    This is a Form of Propoganda that (Sad to Say) Hitler utilized fully :

    By creating a Hated and Feared enemy, groups of People can be controlled in many ways.

    1. They all share a common goal - Us (JW's) vs. Them (Apostates) - This goal is Exclusion and Hatred of any one classified as an Apostate.

    2. They all fear the Enemy, and for this reason they draw closer to the Central Leadership of the Group.

    3. They are made vulnerable to additional mind control and mass manipulation, since they are ruled by Hate & Fear as opposed to Love & Reason.

    " One crucial factor in creating a cohesive group is to define who is excluded from membership. Nazi propagandists contributed to the regime's policies by publicly identifying groups for exclusion, inciting hatred or cultivating indifference, and justifying their pariah status to the populace. Nazi propaganda played a crucial role in selling the myth of the “national community” to Germans who longed for unity, national pride and greatness, and a break with the rigid social stratification of the past. But a second, more sinister aspect of the Nazi myth was that not all Germans were welcome in the new community."

  • EndofMysteries

    Nice report. So what can we conclude from this?

    1968 to 1974 - GB:" We are God's chosen, listen and obey us, 1975 sounds like a good year for God to bring the end. Nobody can understand the bible, it's secrets are locked to the whole world except through us. Reports are heard of brothers and sisters selling off their homes for the final MONTHS until the end, etc, etc." 1975 comes and goes and nothing happens. GB in 1976: "BEWARE of apostates, who spread lies, who try to deceive you that we are not God's mouthpiece and chosen, who claim we made promises and predictions falsely, etc. If anybody is critical of us, the faithful slave, they are apostates and must be shunned!!"

  • EndofMysteries

    In line w/ my last post, I'm curious, look up "faithful and discreet slave".

  • objectivetruth

    Will do EOM.

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