Escaping the Pit

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Thought I'd share a little poem I wrote after getting out.

    . . .

    . . .


    . . .

    Grappling with the fancies

    And the shadows in my mind

    Fighting off the demons

    On the pathways of the blind

    . . .

    Thought I saw a light

    Through the darkness and the grit

    Shinning from the bottom

    Of the blackness of the pit

    . . .

    Like fools gold in the night

    Deceptions of the haughty

    Was this the true glimmer

    Of our Governing Body?

    . . .

    There upon the knife edge

    Where I sooner should have been

    I found myself doubting

    Those Seven wicked men

    . . .

    But knowing I would plummet

    In a free fall of despair

    My fingers grasped the edge

    And I hung there in the air

    . . .

    I couldn't hold on long

    As my strength began to wane

    My compassion fading fast

    As my mind became deragned

    . . .

    Then remembering my family

    And the the world up above

    I realized life's worth living

    If I live a life in love

    . . .

    So I pulled myself up

    Out of the blackness of that pit

    And went searching for a light

    Beyond the darkness where I'd lived

    . . .

    Finally free from the shadows

    And the pathways of the blind

    Theres a whole new world

    To be explored by my mind

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Wow it's amazing what we have inside of us. Yet you couldn,t of written it if you hadn,t have lived it.

  • Jeannette

    I like it.

  • Pinku


    Good that you came out of an ocean of arrogance!

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Thanks :)

    Hope you guys enjoyed

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