A humun tragedy we must never forget.....

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    I had lunch with one of my progressive former studies today. I was surprised how we had both changed. When we met he was a trainee medical doctor on humunitarian aid from Moldover. His now a full fledged doctor. I had assumed our meeting was catching up and small talk, but he seemed very keen to debate on a conspiracy theory about 9/11.

    I didn,t want to debate on a theory, i felt the FACT is its about humun tragedy.And my mind thought of the millions killed by Pol Pot, Stallin, Mao, Hitler, The Almenian and Balkan genocides ect ect.

    After our meal it saddened me that as a witness i never respected the remembrance day for those who gave there lifes for my freedom in the great war.

    And with 9/11 comming up it would be nice to honour and reglect on the innocent lifes lost to terroism. Not to debate the pollitics or conspiracy theories.

    You see we saw this 9/11 unfold on T.V and i can still imagine, those horrofying last minutes of so many innocent people, and at lunch today i was reminded of this, and its really something i shouldn't have allowed myself to forget.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I attend church services in NY on September 11th. It hurts me that many Americans don't even want to be reminded of the date. Their lives were not disrupted but a few seconds clip of the planes striking the towers is too much for them. The Holocaust, the Crusades, the Plagues, all the religious wars that were more political than religions-these terrors will be minimal compared to the destruction of Armageddon. The famines in the Soviet Union and Red China will be nothing.

    I still remember September 11th in such striking detail. It was hardly the worse incident in human history. This was my home and where I work. I need to see the 9/11 museum and the memorial gardens. People say it is emotionally wrenching. NY was where I escaped the WT. All I can do is lead my crusader life. The beheadings are bothering me.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Yes memorializing those who died in one event doesn't diminish the importance of those who died in thousands of other events throughout history.

  • steve2

    I was in Leesburg, Virginia last year when the bikers drove through old Leesburg in their scores as part of their journey of remembrance of those who died in 9/11. I was stunned by the poignancy and goose-bump beauty of the gesture as they drove past waving at all the passersby. It was such a respectful, moving experience. My estimation of Americans just grew during that demonstration of collective remembrance and grieving.

  • zeb

    Last night on the news was the announcement that Libya has some airliners "gone missing."

  • Finkelstein

    A tragedy that should remind us that religious fanaticism still exists causing untold murders of innocent people in the name of a god.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Dont sign your name

    between worlds,


    in the manifold of meanings

    train the tearstain,

    and learn to live.

    Paul Celen.

  • rjharris

    Events such as 9-11, Shock and Awe campaigns, dropping two atomic bombs on a nation and the like, should not be viewed as "American" tragedies, but human tragedies.

    Does one really think God sides with nations? Killing is killing, murder is murder, terrorism is terrorism no matter WHO commits it. Jesus said at Matthew 5:9:

    "Happy are the peaceable, since they will be called ‘sons of God."

    No nation today are peaceable. The nations are warlike. Citizens within those nations who take the non-peaceable position of that nation, will not be called sons of God. They think as their nations groom them to think and not has Christ taught us to think and conduct ourselves. The same holds true of religion. Christianity remains silent when thousands are slaughtered in war campaigns. Islam remains silent when radical elements within her slaughter and murder people. All are bloodgulity and their worship of the Creator is in vain.

    Many of us Americans somehow think that we have not metted out "terror" to members of the human family. It is hypocritical to coin phrases such as "terrorist" and attach them to persons of Islam. There are radical elements of Islam just as there are radical elements of Christianity. The difference is that Christianity portrays itsself as clean, chaste and innocent when the reality is that it has been responsible for more shed blood than all of the religious systems put together.

    It was a so-called "Christian" nation that dropped the most power weapon of mass destruction in existence: two atomic bombs upon another people. Was that not a terror to the recipients of those bombs?

    Christianity's hands are dirty and bloody.

    The Most High God that I know and the one that He sent, expects disciples of His Son not to take an "us versus them" view of the world. Jesus showed love, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness even to those who hated him and made themselves his enemy.

    So don't just cry for Americans who loose their lives, shed a tear for ALL persons who suffer tragedy no matter their religion, color, language or creed.

    What? Are you disciples of Christ or aren't you! Or are you loyal to Caesar moreso than being loyal to your true Head and Master. (1 Cor 11:3)

    Do and think as the Master did about people.

    Stop letting Caesar and even your religious organizations pick and choose your friends and enemies for you. You are obligated to love even your enemies, else your worship is in vain. (Matthew 5:44 and Matthew 15:9)

    And, prophecy should not be determined by how we view things in the West or how events in the world impact us. I tell you, if you were in Rwanda genocides back in 1994, you would have thought the world had ended.

    We (Americans) just can't be so blind and selfish. It is not about only us.

    I know God, Jesus and Angels are portrayed as White persons but they should not be. Why? Because God does not look at the external appearance, he looks the hearts of persons. Plus, God Jesus and Angels are not flesh and blood and are invisible.

    They should not be portrayed in any race among the human family.

    The world in which we live is a sinking ship. We have been told that it is going to be destroyed and that an indefinite kingdom will replace it. (Dan 2:44)

    No powerful nation(s) or radical group will change that. It will be by God's hand through His Son, that the nations as we know it are going down never to be seen again.

    Many focus too much about war and fighting and making events such as 9-11 a memorial event. People, Jesus told the destruction of this world of mankind. Are you not preparing yourself in a mental and spiritual sense?

    Events will only worsen and if you are not careful, you will be carried down the stream of public opinion and hate. Get off of that stream. You are to be no part of this world or to even think like it does.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Thanks Rjharris: i appreciate your post and may be i was wrong in thinking points based on politics and religion belong on another thread? As long as the point of this thread is not lost and remains positive its all good.

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