Governing Body Teaching Islamic Hatred of Women

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  • TOTH

    I am thinking there is a strange tie between wt and Islam

  • SAHS

    The GB has always been perpetuating with a passion the attitude toward women so embodied by Franklin Rutherford, as shown by his infamous statement, “What is a woman anyway, but a hank of hair and a bag of bones.” (Him and his predecessor, Charles Taze Russell, were not exactly a catch for any woman. Those two were about as romantically and sexually satisfying to a woman as a pair of crutches made out of gummy worms would be practical.)

    The very purpose of this misogynist scheme is really to reinforce the WTS’ authoritarian “headship principle,” with Jehovah – I mean, the GB/Watchtower – at the very top, and then downward to baptized male children – I mean, the family dog – and then women (at the very bottom, of course).

    In all seriousness, though, women may have on average a ten percent smaller brain size, head size, and cranial capacity; HOWEVER, brain density and white matter versus gray matter usage, as well as individual IQ, are better indicators of women’s overall thinking abilities, all of which being in their favor!

    It is such a well-known and accepted fact for some time now that women basically have the same mental abilities as men. As we can readily see, woman have been functioning quite well in the business and political world, and have more than adequately proven their abilities in this world in general, if given half a decent chance, . . . . which, unfortunately, is something that still doesn’t look too hopeful in the world of Allah or Jehovah.

  • prologos

    nothing to do with islam or the wtbts, but ladies sound like children, mostly, and I like it that way.

    weighty matters said in auch an appealing way.

  • Mum

    I am a woman, and I can tell you from experience that women are in no way inferior to men, except that we have less upper body strength. Men have women at desks in their front offices to protect them (the men) from whomever and whatever the men don't want to deal with. Women can deal with it all because we have no other choice. Women have to have skills, knowledge, ability, and determination to do their jobs of protecting men from having to be competent as typists, composers, telephone answerers, child caregivers, and a host of other duties that take more strength and brainpower than that of the person (usually a man or men) who boss(es) them around.

    My daughter once told me that I should be earning at least $80,000 a year (in the '90's) when I was working as a doctors' office manager. If I had been a man, I'm sure I would have demanded at least that amount.

    I'm not saying women are all good and all brilliant, or that men are all bad or all stupid. But I have observed that, generally speaking, much more is expected of women, while she is paid less.

    I am grateful for the women in my life who have been there for me - and some men, too.

  • nonjwspouse

    We had a saying in our satillite business of a public private partnership office. ( We shared the office space) The president of the politically, and private foundation, powerful public private business was a man, but the vice president was a woman, and anytime she was not in the office we would say his "brains were out of the office". Literally, she was the smarter and more insghtful of the two. She left for a several weeks to go to a Harvard Business School city organization study, and he acted so stressed, and seemed sorta lost many times.

  • SAHS

    “prologos”: “. . . ladies sound like children, mostly, and I like it that way.”

    That would come across as being quite condescending and insulting to any woman, I would think. The WTS likes to put women on the same level as children (more like chattel, or property), and certainly even lower than any baptized male children, no matter how young they are. I don’t think that anybody really goes for that nowadays, male or female. (I certainly don’t, and I’m a man. I strongly believe in equality and fairness.) I mean, deep down, everyone knows that it’s old stereotypical BS. All I can say is, wake up to the 20th – actually, now 21st – century!

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