CALVARY - the film

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  • BizzyBee

    Just saw this today. Quite an experience. The film raised many issues about clergy, religion, morality, guilt and forgiveness.

    A Catholic priest in NW Ireland is warned during cofession that he is targeted for execution one week hence because of the child abuse sins of other priests. He visits a cast of local characters during that week, each troubled in their personal lives and denigrating of their faith in the church.

    Overall a dark film, but thought-provoking (as most dark films are), leavened with wry Irish humour and the bleak (yet beautiful) seascape of the Irish coast.

  • Fernando

    Maybe we're in for many more related movies, now that society has finally chosen to question religion, and focus on the evil of: "childhood sexual abuse by a priest" (or "elder").

    My wife has firsthand experience of such abuse, and is passionate about making an upbeat fictional movie, that showcases this and related issues, in a moving narrative.

  • hellenback

    Saw it a few weeks ago. A good film.

  • Gratefullyunstuck

    Fernando, why not get your wife to contact film directors regarding making a film? There is such a huge story from many angles, I'm surprised one hasn't been done yet.

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