IS IT ALL OVER in Evangelical circles? Do they have to give up Adam and Eve?

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  • Terry

    This discussion happened 3 years ago. If it was bad back then, what must it be like today?

    Anybody who even barely acknowledges the Bible to be slightly contradictory is fired from staff at Bible colleges. (i.e. Mike Licona).


    " Southern Seminary hosted a panel discussion fashioned “Is a Historical Adam Necessary?

    It’s about an hour long, and there’s nobody featured who isn’t inherently irritating, but it’s worth watching anyhow if you’re interested in understanding how devastating the want of a historical Adam really is to Christian theology.

    • The genealogy of Jesus — gone.

    • Original Sin — gone.

    • Atonement Theology — gone.

    • That jive about how man is made in God’s image — gone.

    • Inerrancy, from the Genesis account of Creation to Paul’s explanation of Jesus’ likeness to Adam — gone.

    • Adam and Eve as God’s model for marriage and human sexuality — gone.

    All gone — and the non-historicity of Adam is incontrovertible, demonstrated by multiple lines of evidence, from geology through biology through genomics.

    It’s over, and they know it.

  • designs

    Stone tools and petroglyphs circa 9000 B.C.E. ooouch....

  • Terry

    Tools on tools. Seems fitting.

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