Billions of money saved, ALL poor elderly jw's to get free care and housing

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  • EndofMysteries

    Over the years the surplus from donations have been put into risky investments and each of them blessed with growth and profit beyond comprehension. All aging and elderly JW's who had sacrificed their retirement planning and financial future for the kingdom work, who had not been expecting to live to this age, shall have full care including room and board for the rest of their lives or until 'the end'.

    - If God was directing that organization, then that's something that I'd expect to see. Instead, over the past year, what has been in print has been, "Don't plan for retirement, education, family, health, etc, all go on the backburner after placing WT literature. Caring for elderly parents who can't afford proper care only comes after putting in your full time service and takes priority over that!".

  • prologos

    EoM, do not complain, does the WT God not provide Energy, Time to Satans world? so is it a small thing between friends that The Government should pick up the tab for all the jws that did not have 400K, Roth or rrsp? Even hard working bethel-lites or heavies that never earned a honest taxable buck in their lives get old age security, medicare, the works.

  • Paris

    And the Watchtower encourages people to go on the dole and has for 50 years. The first in line for fake disability payments and food stamps and subsidized housing. They never supported the government, voted, joined the military, even as Medics, or contibuted to community projects and yet they are the first ones with their hand out.

  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witnesses are parasites on society.


  • sarahsmile

    Smiddy that a bit too far. JWs are people and many JWs plan for retirement.

    They are not parasites on society. Show some respect for human life! JWs have just as much rights to use the social system as any one else. I knew many working for the City and electrical companies with good retirement plans. They did not give their entire money away to WT society and they are set for senior days. That includes many elders.

    EndofMystery,I see your point. The bottom line I do not know if God is helping individual people or not. Maybe the social systems that are set up are God using people to help others including aged JWs. But as an organisation directed from God, you would think they would be blessed group of people. :-)

    I see your point and think it is because of human greed that WT neglect to provide extra income for their elderly members who supported their cause! To be fair, how many churches provide care for their elderly members? Unlike WT society, churches at least try to help everyone.

    That might be worth comparing! I wonder if churches provide extra income for their elderly! I really doubt any elderly JWs ,unless they are GB, receive income. Does senior elders get extra money from the WT society? Maybe they do!

    Good point!

  • ambersun

    This is a very sore subject for me. My parents were really devoted witnesses and had always provided their home for the use of the brothers, for group studies, meeting for field service, refreshment breaks during service etc etc etc. The carpets and furniture got worn out due to wear and tear and we didn't have much money to replace them but my parents never grumbled as it was all for Jehovah.

    A few years ago my elderly mother, now a widow, desperately needed a stair lift as her health had deteriorated. The cost would be thousands of pounds due to the arrangement of her stairs which none of us could afford. We had never been allowed to have careers. My husband told her about several elderly people he had met in the course of his work who had had stairlifts installed for them by their churches on the understanding that the money would be repaid from their estate after they passed away which seemed fair enough. We told her that after all the years of providing an open home for worship, it was the least the congregation could do, to arrange a stair lift for her. Obviously, the very suggestion was met with horror by my mother. Oh no, she couldn't take from the society, although it had never shown any remorse for all the years it had taken from her! Her pradicament was obvious to the elders who chose to ignore it and not see what the congregation could do to help her after all she had done for them.

    There are absolutely no provisions for the elderly JWs as there are in other churches.

    In the end, a 'worldly' relative helped towards the cost so that mom could have her stair lift.

  • EndofMysteries

    sarahsmile - yes many churches do provide financial support for their members. If a member or family has an emergency, such as I know of one where their home was hit by a sinkhole and the church had a fundraiser for them. I also that church has a yearly budget and part of it is if members have financial emergencies and if not used then goes to their yearly missions fund or another charitable purpose.

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