If our bodies were really supposed to live forever...

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  • Zoos

    I recently finish obtaining a personal fitness trainer certification. In that study I learned how the body will move blood to the core in a hypothermia situation, sacrificing the limbs/extremities in order to protect the vital organs.

    Why would such a survival mechanism need to be built into a body that was designed to live forever in paradise on earth?

  • apostrate

    Interesting! I made a similar comment just yesterday on a post here. The human body is designed to heal itself whenever we scrape our arms, legs, etc.

    I asked why Good would have made humans that way if they were designed "perfect", so as to not accidentally fall down or hurt themselves.

  • Finkelstein

    The JW answer would be of course that are bodies now are imperfect but when paradise returns it will return to its perfect state.

    Oh that ancient mythology is fun ain't it ?

  • Lemonp

    Everyone says that the human body wants to repair itself forever etc etc.

    My problem is that we don't have multiple teeth in reserve like a shark! Will your one set of adult teeth last you even 100 years? Have a look at an elderly person's teeth and tell me how worn they are!!

    Not talking about bad hygiene, I mean everyday wear and tear.

    The only solution is that we will have magic teeth!


    We "adapted" that ability after the fall of man. Jeehoobie needed enough Jews to survive so that Jesus could be born.

    He couldn't technically intervene because of the sovereignty issue, so in his all knowingness, Jeehoobster went back in time and tweaked Adams DNA. Satan didn't know about because Jeehobo was able to be in two places at once! ( I'm pretty sure Jeehoobiedoob snuck out the back of his throne room while Satan argued with his double. It's in the book of Job..)

    Its science.


  • Vidiot

    Zoos - "Why would such a survival mechanism need to be built into a body that was designed to live forever in paradise on earth?"

    Simple answer: it wasn't.

    The aging process is purely biological, anyway (telomerase reduction in cell subdivision); we've been "designed" (by nature) to grow old and die, just like every other living thing on the planet.

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