New light on more parables

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  • FayeDunaway
    What those signs should have really said is "THIS religion is a snare and a racket!!!"
  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Also, I bet they are aware of the website that is anointed ones criticizing and analyzing every word from the GB.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy
    Thanks for quoting that esse, I want to know what that website is too.....
  • Splash

    Probably this?


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I just think the current explanation stretches credulity to breaking point.

    The faithful and discreet slave That's for real, we know who that is. The evil slave? Not so much it don't mean any thing really. It don't even exist.

    The 5 wise virgins? They are for real, we know who they are. The foolish ones? Not so much. They don't mean anything really. They don't even exist.

    The slaves who used the talents for profit? they are for real. We know who they are.. The wicked and sluggish slave? Not so much. They don't mean anything. They don't even exist.

    The whole explanation is preposterous and completely self-serving. Why do we even acknowledge it as worth a thought?

  • Splash

    There's an error in paragraph 4 on page 13 of that w15 3/15 article.

    It states: "Note the similar directions that Jesus gave to his “little flock” of anointed followers: “Be dressed and ready and have your lamps burning, and you should be like men waiting for their master to return from the marriage.” (Luke 12:32, 35, 36)"

    The error is that the apostles to whom Jesus was talking, were NOT the anointed little flock at that time.
    This did not happen until later on, in 33 C.E. when holy spirit came down and anointed them after Jesus had died.

    Yes Jesus called them a "little flock" in Luke 12, but they were not anointed.
    He was speaking to a non-anointed little flock.

  • menrov

    The article "forgets" to mention that 1) all ten virgins fell asleep (matt. 25:5), and all become awake when there is an announcement (who gives that announcement??) that the bridegroom is here (not arriving invisibly but has arrived, visibly). Only then the amount of oil becomes an issue.

    So, all virgins feel asleep......

    Only when it is announced the bridegroom is here, they all wake up. The parable (that is what it is, not a prophecy) is to warn all believers to be ready to be joined with Jesus. How? Well, throughout the NT we read that FAITH is the critical element of believers. I guess the oil represents the amount of faith. So, in my view, Jesus is warning His followers that a lack of faith is dangerous as in will jeopardize your access to the kingdom.

    For Jesus, all parables were meant to say about things that save you and allow access to the kingdom / eternal life or the things things that will prevent that.

  • prologos

    the apostles to whom Jesus was talking, were NOT the anointed little flock at that time. splash

    It was the same little flock that, not anointed, that Jesus served the bread and the wine to, setting a yet-to-be- followed precedent.

    splash was it an error? perhaps a tacit admission, that slipped in unavoidably in this convoluted mess.The foolish ones? Not so much. They don't mean anything really. They don't even exist.

    The foolish ones? Not so much. They don't mean anything really. They don't even exist. Sliding Fast,

    They are only hypothetical like the "evil slave"

  • BluesBrother

    When reading para 3 that said they would place more emphasis on the practical application, I guess the bros hoped for an easier study....but the ones I saw seemed more confused than ever.. All they have done is move the action forward by 100 years or so and say that it applies when he comes at the Gt Trib, rather than when he "came" in 1919, Oh and the foolish might or might not actually exist - just a warning.

    There were a lot of questions that could be asked..... and the "other sheep" were just tacked on the end as an afterthought .

    It does not seem to bother the faithful though. They almost seem proud that do not understand it all these days "The chariot is moving so fast, we just try and keep up" a favourite saying

  • LisaRose

    Holy Hannah, is this an ego trip on their part, or does the governing body hae too much time on their hands? Not that any of this made much sense in the first place, but this new "new light" is just as ridiculous.

    I am beginning to wonder if any of what I was taught back in 1969 is still being taught, other than the basics like trinity , 1914 and hell fire. Has anybody done a comparison?

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