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  • Deltawave

    Well after a full Watchtower study last week about how we should not read to much into bible account as types and antitypes, we had a whole study article on what the 10 wise Virgins now means. Interesting though is the fact that only in 2007/8 they taught that the discreet Virgins were the annointed ones who waited for Christ's return in 1914 and the foolish ones were the ones who fell away in 1914 because the end didn't come.

    Now though, we have new light! The wise Virgins are the anointed who are faithful during the great tribulation and the foolish are the ones who fall away and loose their heavenly reward. However, It was explained in a footnote that there isn't more anointed ones to fill in the numbers of the ones who fall away because Christ knows they will be faithful so it's ok.

    Isnt that a "once saved always saved" idea that we slam as been "born again" mumbo jumbo??

    And how can Christ know whether they will be faithful or not without taking away free will??

    Does this mean that the annointed who fell away in 1914 when the end didn't come were not truly annointed??

    All total nonsense.

  • stuckinarut2
    Yup....trying to make sense of this stuff is like trying to catch soap bubbles with a needle......
  • sparrowdown

    I always hated this stupid "prophecy."

    I don't like the idea of 70yr old virgins telling me what to do.

    How "wise" are you if can't get laid by that age.

  • Bobcat

    For any interested in a comparison of the WT explanations of the parable of the 10 virgins and the parable of the talents with what a good academic commentary has to say, I posted reference material for both parables on the DTT site:

    The parable of the 10 virgins: here.

    The parable of the talents: here.


  • Oubliette

    Sparrowdown: How "wise" are you if can't get laid by that age.

    You made me laugh out loud!

  • stillin

    I mentioned to an elder after the meeting today," what, really did they do that was so bad? They're still virgins. They just didn't have enough oil for the long wait." He just looked at me, like, are you stupid?

    I must be.

  • millie210

    Since I NOW know that they change the "new light" to editorialize what they are facing up at headquarters this gives some insight,

    They must be very irritated at all the people partaking. Also, I bet they are aware of the website that is anointed ones criticizing and analyzing every word from the GB.

    Another thing (Im speculating here...) I think ever since they downsized the importance of the "anointed at large" there are a lot of pissed off anointed among the active ranks.

    Our C.O.s wife (in her 40s, tight skirts double piercings in ears) used to love to regale us with how she just "knew" things and Jah would "reveal insights to her" while she did the bible highlights readings every week (need your barf bags yet?) She has not taken kindly to her demotion at all and still insists on her "special hotline to God".

    I think the ivory tower group are taking heat on the whole issue and this was their response.

    In other words....back off! You are going to die at Armageddon anyway!

  • prologos

    Reading this for the first time, it appears what wt writers are saying:

    The 5 foolish virgins are not really sealed prior to the great tribulation (now). they may be partaking, but are not really among the 144 000, [which after all are only known to the angels, even with their tribal identity]. Jesus comes as a bridegroom, to sit down at the END of the great tribulation for judgement. the foolish virgins run out of gas (or oil if they drive diesels) during the great tribulation. it is not predestined, but predicted.

    a warning really to the partakers (in wt's view 'pretenders') that are not sealed. [ GB approved]. If you partake, you will not even have paradise to fall back on,-- a direct threat, ---so stop it !! ha ha.

  • prologos
    discussing not reality here, , but wt predictions in wt mag 3/15/2015. . for the discussion's sake. wt predictions are guaranteed to be illusions, except "Religion is and will be a Snare and Racket".
  • bradford
    Who is the current Fred Franz writing this stuff?

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