19 and Counting Pedophile Church Coverup, their just like the Watchtower! "Real Time" Pedophile Scandal!"

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  • PhilsWager2
    • rip van winkle13 hours ago
      Thanks for posting this, Phil."

      That's why I am here, to try to help and seek answers in our struggle to understand why we allowed them control over our bodies, brains and hearts, they certainly never earned our respect looking back how they treated us. My sister was molested by a pedophile and the elders told her "You must wait upon Jehovah" a gazillion times, even as time has moved by decades the pedophile stole something from her too. The Congregation turned against her because she wanted justice, it took ten years to get him removed as COBE of their Kingdom Hall because the Watchtower liked all his construction skills, gifts of money and time. They knew he was a sexual predator and allowed him to remain in his position because was useful and she was considered "fringe", "weak", "not a Pioneer", it's all about what you do and not how much you loved God

      The pain and suffering inflicted by the Perp is one thing, yet that's seem's like it's not enough for Satan and his evil beings. They want the church and it's ministers to shred any dignity and silence the cries of all victims of sexual abuse happening in Jehovah's Holy Organization. It took twenty years before I learned about her abuse, she buried this away because the "Organization of Jehovah needs a clean name", "My church right or wrong" attitude. Pain from being a victim plus the Organization that's suppose to comfort you and throws you under a bus and followed by a steam-roller, that's how Jehovah's Witnesses operated in the few cases I saw. They were so stressed this information would hit the public, they begged the victims to allow them to handle and perform justice, it never happened!

  • ShirleyW

    So the patriarch of the Duggar family contacted the church elders first instead of the authorities, now where have I heard that before ?? It couldn't be from the cult that says they are the only true religion on earth and all the others are false? Couldn't be them because they follow the same rules as the wacky religion/cult the Duggars follow.

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