CJ Woodworth Spills the Beans !!!

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  • Amazing

    Last March, I suspended my JFR Trial series. I was being too detailed, and presenting it in too dry a fashion. So, in the last two months, I have been working on it from the approach of a story line, except that I retained the reference citations. It seems to be coming out much better. HOWEVER ...

    Today, I was going over Clayton J. Woodworth's testimony as he was cross-examined by the Government attorney ... He said something that jarred me to my senses ... and illustrates how the Society, circa 1916 - 1918, viewed their "sacred" almost "inspired" work. Here is what C.J. Woodworth noted about his work on the book, "The Finished Mystery":

    Government to Woodworth: "Did you think it (The Finished Mystery) would command a greater sale if it was completed before the war was over?"

    Woodworth: "I judged if the end of the war would follow shortly after its publication that it would attract the attention of Bible students everywhere as being a correct interpretation of the Book of Revelation."

    Government: "Your thought was to get it on the market before the war was over?"

    Woodworth: "Yes, sir."

    Government: "That that would enhance its sales?"

    Woodworth: "Yes, sir."

    Essentially two things jump out here: First, C. J. Woodworth was working fast to publish "The Finished Mystery" because its timing on the market would lend credibility to his (the Society's) interpretation of Revelation ... so in essence, it was not about some Divine guidance, but about making his work and timing of it fit the circumstances of the day.

    Second, he was also concerned with enhancing sales. This sworn statement of Woodworth's clearly shows that at least during this great time of being inspected by Jesus Christ, as the newly enthroned King in heaven, was based 'more' on marketing a product and giving an impression than about anything being spirit-directed by Jehovah and Jesus. The bottom line being SALES!

    Ref. Trial Transcript, page 608-609, parts 1809-1810.

    These kinds of things along with the overall flavor of the trial and issues presented by the Prosecution and Defense makes this trial most interesting, revealing, and exciting.

    As I go though this more, I will post small items like this rather than any more long treatments. When I am done with the trial, I will submit it to be hosted on a web page ... and I will also be presenting a short summary at BRCI this year.

  • Beans

    Hi I`m Beans

  • Siddhashunyata

    Yes.... One of the most illuminating aspects of the WTBTS is the fact that Business Interests have always caused them to rationalize and compromise their stated principles! Members simply do not know how " business " decisions guide their " worship". They are not guided by " Holy Spirit " but by the Spirit of Capitalism!

  • crawdad2

    hi amazing,

    i guess false prophets have to rely on "marketing".......instead of "god".
    most jws though, don't even understand the signifigance of their claims centered around 1914-1918.

    once you know the scam, you can see their "guilt" in everything they do, or ever said.

  • Deleted

    One self-inflicted reason that the WTS could not have had Holy Spirit to direct their sales efforts is this:

    1918 "The Holy Spirit was taken away in 1918 when Jesus came to the Temple" {SALV
    216-7} SALV J.F.Rutherford: Salvation, 1939

    I can't believe I was one of them .................


    Glen who once was Deleted.

    All along, the Watch Tower
    Told a pack of lies
    Broken lives and promises
    So much wasted time

  • RR

    Good ole C.J.. did you know he admitted to be possessed by demonms at a convention? It's documented in the Conventions reports.

    "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."

  • Fredhall


    Woodworth mentioned it in the 1913 Convention Report. But the new light tell me that he was wrong.

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