Gay for only 11 years...

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    "When I was 14, I made the decision to present myself to the world as a homosexual. I stayed that way for the next 11 years, even living with several different men during that time."

    -Watchtower April 1, 2011 page 28

  • Zoos

    "After that I went back into the closet where I continue to suppress and deny my true nature in order to live in harmony with the opinions of others. My internalized homophobia is irrelevant. The depth of my pain and emptiness is irrelevant. The length to which I must spin a story of how I became a heterosexual with the help of God is a burden I carry so that my family and their approved friends will like me."

  • Quendi

    Thanks, Calebs Airplane and Zoos. The OP is a perfect example of the WTS "fairy tale" approach when discussing homosexuality. This young man 'made the decision to present himself as a homosexual.' I note that he did not make the decision to become a homosexual, only to present himself. That is a big difference which I'm sure is papered over in the article. It is presented as "proof" that being gay is a deliberate choice of lifestyle and not the expression of one's innate nature. Zoos draws the logical conclusion which the WTS never cites, how suppression of a person's real nature causes incalulable harm and damage to himself and others.


  • steve2

    It is part of the belief that any sexual orientation other than heterosexuality is a choice. That belief is the source of prompting untold numbers of religious men and women to desperately try to make themselves act like heterosexuals and, in so doing, to live a lie to their nearest and dearest.

    The shared religious ignorance and delusion is very sad.

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