I survived a convention session in 2014!

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  • bafh

    I did survive. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great. Their idea of paradise is that everyone is the same. And their proof that they are God's people is that they are all united in one thought. I don't know...I had been thinking of going back, but then that reminded me how narrow their idea is of spirituality - if you aren't a pioneer, MS or Elder, you are nothing. I'll never fit that mould, so I'd rather just not even try.

    My friend who invited me was so happy I went. She said, "I hope you felt it was worth the effort." My response was, "I know how much you love me. And it certainly gave me a lot to think about." She said, "you're being there gave me a lot to be hopeful for."

    UGH. At least she doesn't think I'm dangerous. That is my top priority. They can think I'm weak all they want, but I'd rather stay out of the "dangerous/apostate" territory.

    I don't entirely disagree with their doctrine, but there are a lot of things about how they carry out their brand of spirituality that really bothers my conscience.

  • stuckinarut2

    Bafh...well done at keeping your friend happy, and not raising too much suspicion...

    Just dont get swept up by the "love bombing" now... Keep up your own rational thought....


    Try telling her you aren't interested in the JW religion AT ALL and she how fast she changes her tune. My guess is she will drop you like a hot potato. Or else try to guilt trip you into going back, or maybe scare you with talk of your being destroyed at Armageddon. For sure, the 'friendship' won't survive unless you become a Witness. It's really that simple.


    Also, ask your friend to name ONE thing in which she disagrees with the Watchtower 'party line'....I.e. What is said in the Watchtower magazine. If she can't name anything, ask her what she would do IF she found something in the Watchtower she disagreed with. One of the hallmarks of a CULT is that members ARE NOT ALLOWED to disagree with what the leaders say. Please let us know how this goes when you speak to her about it. Hint: It's a cult!!

  • problemaddict

    Sometimes to get the people carrying a torch for my return to think, I ask in the proper context the following question or a variation of it. It usually follows some kind of broad explanation of how I feel.

    I basically say that it has gotten to the point where i feel like if I follow the GB, I am going against my conscience, which is a sin (James).

    They ask me what it is. i say its several things. Then I ask...

    "aren't there things you don't agree with?" The answer is ALWAYS yes.

    Then I usually ask if there were any things they could think of where IF they disagreed on something. that would be a "red line" for them.

    They usually say something like "well sure if they said we could take blood or celebrate birthdays or should now have sex with chickens.....or some madness.

    Then I just say.......lets just say I hit my red line. Then I ask what they don't agree with, and I am off the hook for explaining further.

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