Looking For JW Cult Video With Shocking End! JW Cartoon for now.

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  • BucketShopBill


    Can you post the link to the video that changed many Witnesses mind about the Organization? I think it's British and he shows you the Scripture "If anyone say's the Appointed Times are near, flee from them!" and than he shows the audience a book written by C.T. Russell doing what Jesus Christ warned his followers not to do! I can't find the link, it might help some new members see how there is no way Jesus Christ is behind this Organization, how many bloops have I heard over the years when the Watchtower or Book Study conductor ask's the kids a off-question "Who is the leader of Jehovah's Witnesses" and kids not paying attention raise their hand and say "Satan the Devil!" to the chagrin of the Conductor! :) The kids had it right, "out of the mouth of babes!" If you know the video, please post the link, thank you!

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