Pedophile on John Walsh's "The Hunt" Killed Today After Airing Last Night!

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  • BucketShopBill

    Hi, I posted that John Walsh "The Hunt" is going to be airing Freddy Cecil Mclean soon, let's hope he is taken alive!

    I am sad the police officers and US Marshalls were shot, and hope their wounds heal quickly! Moiser was a pedophile on the run, John Walsh made sure to say this man is deadly, he will kill to survive! After the show aired last night, two perfect tips hit the Hotline and US Marshalls and NYPD spotted this creep at a store, he noticed he was made and opened fire. Three officers were wounded, this predator is now dead!

    I hope the Watchtower's Fredrick C. Mclean is up next, maybe without getting killed so he can enjoy his life in Prison. Let's pray somone calls John Walsh "The Hunt" and we get the Watchtower's Most Famous Pedophile behind bars!

  • Hortensia

    Idiot pulled a gun on cops. Cops don't like to be shot at. Don't blame them at all.

  • clarity

    Hey Bucket....welcome to the board!

    As far as those who wreck childrens lives,

    deserve to be put away for good!


  • orbison11

    greeting Bucket

    thank you for your post last night, i went there and two hours or more later i had not only read about freddy mclean's report but also the fellow who was killed today and many others.

    nice to see good works come of these tv spots.


  • BucketShopBill

    Clarity, do you know if it was Fredrick C Mclean's "Secret Settlement" by the Watchtower that was leaked accidently to a investigative journalist in California? Another question that bothers me, why are JW Elders quick to ajoin themselves to rich pedophiles? The Elders got a brief description of the Pedophile's likes, his prior sex offenses with minors and these idiots were the first to accept his invitation to taste some Vintage-Reserve and tell all the other brothers "We got to taste a €500 wine, were special!

    Some JWs are willing to put their child on Molech's statue in lieu for 50-300 a bottle wine tasting or enjoy the savor of the flavor of Bat-Shit Coffee beans! How impressed the JW Elders were they got invited to a Coffee Party where the Pedophile served them coffee costing over €500 kg. JW Elders impressed by tasting coffee beans excreted from a bat's arse! Money not only pays off these idiots, it attracts them like flys to horse manure. Why do JWs covet money and prestige, just like the prophet Balaam who traded God for money and glory. One must wonder how stupid human beings really are if the story of Balaam is true! Are we willing to throw away direct contact with God for a few Euros or Dollars? That's what these JWs are doing, they are tossing their life aside because some of these sex-offenders throw big parties with modestly expensive goodies (Beluga Caviar, Spottswood Red Wines, Dom, White Truffle Sharp Cheddar, ect..) these were some of things I missed by not attending the "Meet and Greet the new Pedophile Family" in my Congregation. Some JWs have their brain shut down with flattery, gifts and parties thrown in their favor, I wonder if the Watchtower would have accepted the Gold from the Nazi Party if they were offered it. The gold they took from the Jews teeth, would the Watchtower have soiled their hands with Blood Money, after seeing it on the Local Level, I think so!

  • hamsterbait

    Bucket -

    They already take money from shares in tobacco and military hardware. Gold from jews teeth or a backhander from a lottery win wd all be welcomed, just as they are not participating in the sin of blood donation by taking fractions.


  • truth_b_known

    It would be the crown jewel of my law enforcement career to locate and arrest McClean. If you still believe in a higher power, please pray for my sucess. If you don't, wish me luck.


    I'm glad justice was served. If I could go back in time and find the molester that got to my family, I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger.


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