Side ads are hijacking this site!

by WingCommander 4 Replies latest forum suggestions

  • WingCommander

    To JW Admin:

    For about a week now, I've noticed that whatever ads you are allowing on this site are basically "hijacking" any attempt to read threads. How? Well, the side "ad" thing plays video advertisements, but that's not the problem. When they start, they automatically force the thread I attempt to read up to the top, and keep it there. I cannot scroll or do anything else. I am using FireFox by the way. This is making using or reading anything on this forum unbearable. Like I said, it is totally hijacking my attempt at reading or posting on threads. And it doesn't stop with just (1). It keeps going and going. I have an ad "pop-up" blocker turned on, but it does no good. I can't pause the video ads either. What can you do about this? I've never experienced anything like this on a website. I can't be the only one experiencing this as well. HELP!!!

  • Simon

    It sounds like ti may be a rogue ad - Google normally gives you control / prevents them being too intrusive so expect them to boot them if they are.

    It's also possible that you may not be seeing the Adsense ads but they are being replaced with something more intrusive because of some malware so it would be worth running a scan on your PC to check.

  • paulmolark

    I have a similar issue but only on OS X and iOS safari. I get adds that cover the majority of the page with a red "x" in the corner. No matter how many times I click the x it won't go away until the video is done playing.

    Its not every thread though, its like one in 5 or 6

  • Onager
    Not quite the same but I just had an advert for Asian Women "pop out". Which was a bit awkward as I'm at work!
  • SafeAtHome
    I get the one for Asian women too, on my Kindle! Glad it's not just me. Also been getting Muslim clothing site, yikes! Sometimes the ad covers the right side of the post making it unreadable.

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