Time magazine quote guarantee to be used in Watchtower

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  • Skinnedsheep

    Article by Jon Meacham in the August 4th issue of Time on pg 25


    "War without end

    From Ukraine to the Middle East, we still live in the long shadow of 1914".

  • Quendi

    Doubtless the WTS will mine this quote for all it's worth, but that doesn't mean the quote itself is historically inaccurate. The problem with 1914 is the WTS completely misses its true importance and significance. World War I did set the violent twentieth century in motion and the aftershocks of that war are indeed being felt daily one hundred years later. I have called World War I the forgotten war of the twentieth century. Its violent beginning and unhappy ending sowed the seeds for World War II, the Cold War and all they entailed. Current problems in southwest Asia and the Black Sea region can be directly traced to the Versailles Peace Conference and the unanswered questions and unresolved issues it left.


  • steve2

    Actually, we more accurately live in the shadow of 1945's atomic bomb.

    Wait a few decades to the centenary of that event and every writer worthy of their cliche-ridden prose will write about the world 'still being under the long shadow (or should that be cloud??) of the dropping of the first atomic bomb'.

  • prologos

    Quendi, yes listening to Wilson's 14 points would have forestalled ww2.

    Steve, perhaps Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the best things for us, --not for them-- that happened.

    the shadow of the mushroom cloud reminded leaders with the finger on the button to cool it, for while they were in the bunker, war room,-- Dr Srangelove & all,

    their children, families were not, so,while they

    had MAD*

    they were not that mad.

    Mutual Assured Destruction capacity,

    Versailles, ww1 was the key to total, more war,

    The Uranium& Plutonium devices of 1945 were the key to keep wars small

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