Is a blood transfusion a meal?

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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    New article on AJWRB in the Science section:


  • steve2

    Depends who you ask. Dracua would say a hearty, "Yes". Bwa hahahahahah. Bwas hahahahahah

  • Kenneson

    Our own blood circulates freely within the veins of our bodies. If transfused blood is supposed to be feeding, what about our own blood without transfusions? It is preposterous to believe that the purpose of the circulatory system is to feed us. If it were, then Jehovah Himself would not be upholding His law of us not eating blood. After all, that's the way He designed us.

  • AlphaMan

    If a starving person loses a couple pints of blood and receives a couple pints back in a blood transfusion is he not still hungry and in need of food?

  • sowhatnow

    blood isnt a meal, but the israelites law of not eating blood was a dietary restiction, none of those laws were for anyone to pay heed to ,other than israelites

    and now since jesus came fulfilled the promise, and put an end to those laws no one need follow them.

    for jws to observe any old mosaic laws they are denying christ came, and died, and freed from these requrements.

    if we still would have to do any 'works' to prove our faith, then why did jesus bother dieing for us?

    not to mention,

    there is no way on earth anyone will convince me that the using of blood to save a precious life, that is valued by God,

    is talked about in the bible.

  • steve2

    Whacky religious beliefs need regular doses of ignorance to survive.

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