Not on JW.ORG : Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower continue fight with British government over Child Abuse and charity status.

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    Jehovah's Witness congregration lodges appeal with charity tribunal over statutory inquiry

    25 July 2014 by Sam Burne James, 3 comments

    The Manchester New Moston Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses challenges the decision of the Charity Commission to open the inquiry over safeguarding issues and trustees' compliance with charity law

    Manchester New Moston Congregation of Jehovah’s WitnessesManchester New Moston Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses

    A Manchester-based Jehovah’s Witness congregation has lodged an appeal with the charity tribunal against the Charity Commission’s decision to open a statutory inquiry into safeguarding issues at the charity.

    In June, the commission announced inquiries into the Manchester New Moston Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the religion’s governing body in the UK, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain, amid concerns about safeguarding and whether trustees have complied with charity law.

    The regulator first looked into the Manchester congregation after revelations came to light in May that a former trustee of the charity, who served nine months in prison for the indecent of assault of two girls, was allowed to question his victims in front of a congregation of elders after his release.

    A spokesman for the Watch Tower said at the time the inquiries were announced that there would be appeals against both. An appeal was lodged last week in the name of the six trustees of the Manchester-based congregation, according to an update to the tribunal register of cases, published online yesterday.

    The same spokesman said today that the Watch Tower would also appeal against the inquiry opened into it, either in the tribunal or elsewhere. "At the moment we’re looking at what our legal position is, and we’re considering whether to bring a judicial review in the High Court," he said.

    Appeals against the opening of statutory inquiries are becoming more frequent – this is the fifth review application received by the tribunal so far this year, compared with two in 2013, none in 2012 and one in 2011, according to the register of cases."

    If any of our British members would explain "Charity" law and investigations it would be much appreciated!

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    "JW:Org Not On" for a website or something else with a play on words to come up in a Google search for, could be an effective way to bring up site of important information for those going to the official site.

    Articles like this are worthy peices of information that could be made availible with a mouse click to searchers of information.

    This in turn met with a counter response or silence from the 'official site' (but this might open them up to legal action if they broke silence) so I would expect silence or highly filtered responses though the legal department.

    But a competing site being pulled up by Google searches must get their attention and produce effects in what they publish.

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    I think the JW congregation "Judicial System" organized and under extreme control by the Governing Body and the human impropriaties it santions against its members have spelled the end of its benign "charity status" and won the label of an abusive cult by this atrocity and that the lawsuit won against it in child molestation cases in other lands while not to be taken into account in this legal action, has had its impact on this tribunal.

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    I'm sure the WT's record of disfelloshipping members who take blood in life or death situation, members who disargree with them, member that become whistle blower's about pedofilia to the media, and what not has got their unofficial attention but I'm sure this record plastered all over the internet and within a mouse click is not unnoticed by those on this tribunal, but can not 'officially' be used in their deliberations.

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    Here is the site info:

    The Commission stresses that it is not a safeguarding authority and its inquiries will not investigate allegations of abuse or actual incidents of abuse, whether historic or recent. Its concern is with the proper regulation of charities. Anyone with concerns about specific incidents of alleged abuses, whether historic or recent, for any charity, should report their concerns to the police and the relevant safeguarding authorities.

    I'm thinking criminal charges may be forth comming on this, not by this tribunal but by the civil authorities too.

    O and here is their is their annual return that is posted by the commission:

    And their 5 year history returns:

    Framework of operations

    Sumary of charity(5 pages)

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    There is lots more to click on at the charities site and a sizeable amount of information about their 'sic' Charity operations. I can't wait until the NY state audit become public.

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    I noticed there was no mention of helping the community in any relief work at all


    These inquiries are coming before the CONTI case is even over.... No wonder Gerrit Loesch was adamant about "charity" at the IC. LOOK FOR BS REFORMS IN A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU. Don't be surprised to hear an announcement from stage: " Blah, blah, balappity blah..end is soon. Therefore...yadda,yadda, blah blah, Jesus evidently meant that charitable works should be part of our ministry. Yak, Yak...the SLAVE is instituting blah,blah.." Followed by clapping and tears of joy!!

    Then the "persecution" about charitable status begins!! OH MY!! It can't be coincidence!! Satan is attacking!! JWs must be the one true religion, who else would be persecuted for doing good?!?!?


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    I wonder how Anthony Morris feels about the Charity Commision? Probaly thinks it Satan's Charity Commission Especially if it denies them Charity Status

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