My Witness friends are excited

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  • exWTslave

    My Witnesses friends are excited as they sense emergence of a NORTH KING in PUTIN. Many Witnesses feel that Ukrain crisis will lead into a 3 rd World War that will climax in Armageddon, and people like me are “lost forever”!

  • Magnum

    Well, at least they're talking about that kind of stuff. I haven't heard JWs talk about anything like that for years. All I've heard the last few years is the soft, non-doctrinal, non-prophetic stuff. JWs around me seem to be the type who've almost never even heard of the King of the North and wouldn't know where to find the account in the Bible.

    If a JW in my area were to start talking about stuff like that, the rest would yell "speculation" and shut him up.

  • blondie

    They haven't read this scripture:

    (Matthew 24:44) 44 On this account YOU too prove yourselves ready, because at an hour that YOU do not think to be it, the Son of man is coming.

    *** w11 3/15 p. 24 par. 2 Prove Yourself Ready! ***

    We do not know the day and the hour. (Matt. 24:36) We do know that it will be at an hour when we do not expect itand that the time left before this attack is reduced. (Matt. 24:44; 1 Cor. 7:29)

  • DesirousOfChange

    I remember when they were excited in the 1960s (Cuban Crisis) and 1970s (Middle East) 1980s (Year of Peace) etc etc

    They'll always find something that "might be the start of the end".

    History is like that. There is always a crisis somewhere. Any crisis is good news for the JWs.


  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    The trouble is they always think it is coming then Jehovah has to keep changing it! Ha

  • goingthruthemotions

    Hi Blondie, correct me if I am wrong....but wasn't Jesus talking about the fall of Jerusalem? That already happened correct? I have always gotten the impression the BORG pulls out these scriptures and tries to apply them to today. To me this is the BORG adding more to what already there....of which the bible says not to do.


  • Mum

    I recall in the early '70's when Nixon went to China., Our CO's pioneer wife was all happy and full of glee. She also said Nixon had already "cried peace." I don't know when the latter allegedly took place.

    Same sh**, different day. . . . . . .

    More to come.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    I was under the distinct impression that the GB got "new light" about the King of the North a few years ago at the district convention and they basically said they have no clue what/who the King of the North is or if it plays any significant role in their made up prophecy predictions (and 5000 people that had been preaching about the King of the North door to door for decades all nodded their head in agreement with absolutely not a flicker of critical thinking amongst them).

  • bigmac

    yes--jw's get exited about any perceived end-time prediction. they are just doom and gloom merchants who want the world to come to an end to prove they were right. meanwhile the rest of us--the other 99.99%--- just get on with life.

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