JW.org shows that the society doesn't really want to talk to people who aren't witnesses

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  • Skinnedsheep

    I find it fascinating to see how quickly the society has about faced on the use of the internet. Interestingly they still have not adopted two way communication channels such as facebook, twitter, instagram. etc.

    If you are lurking....Why do you think that is? Virtually ALL major companies have a facebook page, sponsor ads and content on instagram and twitter and generally use every channel they can to reach their targeted audience. In this case the society's target audience is simply its own members. Sure they give lip service to reaching the world, but if they really were sincere they would use two way channels of communication. Ask yourself. why don't they want to hear from their target "market"?

    Search for bible study on google, and see how many pages it takes before JW.org shows up. It was 3 pages back for me. If they were really effective at being a resource for bible study and offering bible studies, why do they show up behind so many other organizations? Seems to me like they are getting their ass kicked by bible gateway, bible.org, lifeway.com, etc.

    I find it an interesting experiment to watch. To me it looks like a 70 year old hermit who used a typewriter his whole life, trying to convince himself that he is incredibly progressive and on the forefront of technology because he bought a emachines desktop with a celeron processor and windows xp.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Interestingly they still have not adopted two way communication

    WT is not famous for two way communication. They speak, you listen. That's it.

  • skeeter1

    Say what? There's alot of communication in the Witness world.

    Follower writes a letter to the Borg, Borg writes back. Borg doesn't answer follower, but gives a response. And, they even cc: Local Congregation so the elders know the follower's question and the Society's answer! Then, the elders stalk the follower. Either the follower complies with WTS doctrince, or is ousted. Then, the WTS does some more communication with the local congregation, with a code of "no longer a Witness." Then, all communication stops.

  • SyntaxError1974

    What?!? I LOVED XP!

  • JT speaks-out
    JT speaks-out

    I noticed a log in link on jw.org

    Does that mean jws have access to stuff on the site that the public can't see?

  • fastJehu

    yes - but only JW elders and some ms

  • BucketShopBill

    That's good stuff!

    " WT is not famous for two way communication. They speak, you listen. That's it." Your good and my favorite comedy actor from Airplane!

  • quellycatface

    It's just a load of crap. They are SOOOOOOO scared of feedback.

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