George Storrs (early Russell associate) had some class

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  • stirred but not shaken
    stirred but not shaken

    From the book "A Separate Identity" p.248 & 249 by Schulz and de Vienne there is a quote from Storrs that is prefaced this way: This wasn't the first time Barbour and Storrs had clashed. Though not naming Barbour, after the 1874 failure Storrs addressed Barbour's dictatorial exclusivity and failed predictions:

    "Teachers who manifest a disposition to exalt self and make it appear that they are something remarkable, are unmistakably false teachers. Whether this is done by words or deeds it is the same thing: they "seek their own, not the things that are Jesus Christ's (Phil ii. 21). This is the case with all who set themselves up for prophets; claiming to be somebody with special authority to command obedience to their teaching, and denouncing such as do not comply with their claims, though they can give no demonstration of Divine commission by miracles or otherwise. Such person, not unfrequently (sic) give something like prophetic utterances to amaze and astonish those duped by them, and when their prophecies fail, they, with amazing impudence, attribute the failure to something else than their folly, and invent another prophecy equally absurd, to continue their power over those who have unhappily fallen under their influence."

    Storrs was once a Millerite, as was Barbour, but abondoned them after the "Great Disappointment". He obviously took a more balanced and practical course. He was disappointed in the relationship between Barbour and Russell. He should have been around to editorialize on what became of the ISBA and the now followers of Wt. teachings.

    Reading this book details many of Russsell's early associates, but Storrs stands for truth as he could find it and express it.

  • Londo111

    So aptly could these words apply to the Governing Body.

  • stirred but not shaken
    stirred but not shaken

    Londo. For sure! Adjustments, progressive light and listen obey and be blessed, would have had Storrs exasperated. The cursory mention of him in the Proclaimers book gives but sparse information. His rebukes about setting dates and remarks like the one mentioned earlier will never be published in a WT publication, unless it's about some other group. He was, as it would appear, a sincere truth seeker not afraid to be wrong and would accept correction if justified.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    It does sum the GB up doesn't it. Sounds like an interesting book. I'll have to pick up a copy.

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Bits such as this one are why I’ve been recommending this book and their history blog. Separate Identity is stellar research., Amazon and B & N all have it. Dr. de Vienne said on their web site that they largely self-fund their research and buying through brings them more money than buying from Amazon.

    You can't find most of what they present anywhere else, and it is full of footnotes if you want to explore their sources. Their history blog is here:

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