Spirituality is simple (hence opposed to religions)!

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  • Pinku

    All religions—including JWs—are thriving on complicating spirituality. Look at the books and magazines a small group such as JWs have published, not to mention the works of other mammoth religions. Yet, are they not all mere waste?

    This thought came up to me in my College the other day when my class-mate concluded her talk! It was an extemporaneous speech session as part of the curriculum. Most of us did manage somehow! Then, it was the turn of an Indian student. She came to the stage and waited for her subject. Our Professor looked at the red-dot decoration on her forehead, and asked her to speak on that for five minute. She started:

    “In my native tongue this is called Bindi. But it comes from Sanskrit bindu, meaning "a small dot." Though it has now become a part of cosmetics, originally it was a bright dot of red color applied in the centre of the forehead close to the eyebrows, worn as a symbol of THIRD EYE to remind us of two great truths:

    a) The third eye is said to enable us to see all three aspect of time as one continuum. It helps me to see my present as the product of my past (hence I should accept in pleasantness whatever happens in my life), and my future will be product of my present (hence I have to be careful with the choices I make NOW)!

    b) It also symbolizes my real “I”, the consciousness, which is like a spark of light, seated behind the forehead between the eyebrows. This reminds me that I am a spirit-being in this physical body which is like a vehicle. When I am living in this awareness, many spiritual qualities will surface:

    1) In this AWARENESS, I know that my spirit (conscious energy) is superior to material energy that make up the physical body, hence have to re-establishe my sovereignty over my body-senses, and begin to act with PURE motive towards others as I am one with them in make-up (spirit + body).

    2) In this PURITY, there emerges JOY.

    3) In this JOYFULNESS, I want others also to be joyful as I am, hence I should begin to care for others’ needs without being asked for and without even expecting anything in return (which is called LOVE).

    4) In this LOVE, I give and receive love, as a result of which PEACE is experienced by me and others around. [In all these five basic qualities of spirit, there are positive side-effects—they make me powerful (POWER) against any relapse, like butter extracted from milk will not merge with water any more. They will also help me to remain blissful/balanced (BLISS) towards all circumstances and all beings!]

    What a wonder! Just putting a red dot on my forehead and remembering its symbolisms accomplish these much! Hence, I do not find the need of any religion in my life. Religions thrive on complicating simple truths!”

  • Laika

    What about the brahma kumaris?

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