Boy..The Devil sure is busy

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  • Poztate

    Here is a little cut and paste from Egypt and their view of the media.

    Compare it with the WT view... LOL

    Journalists around the world are outraged by Egypt's sentencing of three Al Jazeera journalists, and the latest statement from the Egyptian court that jailed them is sure to provoke more outcry.

    "The defendants took advantage of the noble profession of journalism … and turned it from a profession aimed at looking for the truth to a profession aimed at falsifying the truth," the statement read.

    "The devil guided them to use journalism and direct it toward activities against this nation," it added.

    The WT view

    “We live in a world in which lies, deceit, and violent anger are commonplace,” warned one 1988 Watchtower. “Satan makes full use of the media to put across this degraded mentality.” (w88 9/1 p.16 par.13)

    Nothing new under the sun. You need to demonize your opponents to justify your position. The WT is good at it.

  • cofty

    Wow good catch.

    Islam is fixated on Satan.

    Do you have a link to the source please?

  • steve2

    Excellent cross-referencing Poztate. Sometimes when reading media reports, the quotes are so-JW-ish - it's freaky.

    Shows the cult-mentality is universally recognizable.

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