True stories from The Hall

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  • apostrate

    1968. I was 14 years old at the time. My family attended the Assembly in Ventura, California that year. Lots of "good" information revealed to the sheep, right? You know, the "TRUTH" book released, Bible Studies limited to 6 months, etc., etc.

    They also had a very good talk about how meetings at the Hall should be kept ON TIME for various reasons, including the fact that sometimes sisters had unbelieving mates that were waiting outside for them and it didn't look good when an unbelieving husband had to wait a long time after the meeting was over. This was actually very true in my case as my dad was not in the "truth", and this happened quite frequently.

    A week or so after the Assembly, we were at the Hall for the "Book Study" and we were in the library. Another congregation was in the main part of the Hall. And, of course, guess what? We were running overtime! But before we closed with prayer, the elder conducting just had to get a few comments from the small crowd about important things we learned at the Assembly.

    Someone mentioned the new "TRUTH" book, someone commented about the 6 month study program. And then the elders very own son raised his hand. (He was a teenager, about my age). "Yes Mike, go ahead."

    "I really enjoyed the part about how meetings should not go overtime!"

    Man, I'm telling you all HELL broke out! "You just go on out to the car! You're going to get IT as soon as soon as we get home, young man!"

    Even his mom joined in, "We've had about enough of your smart alec mouth! Just wait till we get home!!!"

    A lot of comments like that with everyone just sitting there shaking their heads.

    And here's the funny part. Because he WAS relaying information that WAS actually brought out at the Assembly, this little commotion caught me by surprise! I had been sitting there nodding my head in agreement not realizing he was being a smart alec (I stll don't know to this day if he really was).

    I guess elders just can't take a joke!!

  • ducatijoe

    I was at that Convention! I lived in Thousand Oaks then. Remember baptisum was in the ocean.

    WHODATHOUGHT that at 59 I would finally be out and happy...

  • apostrate


    Yeah! I think I remember seeing you there!:)

    I just turned 60 last month, I "faded" about 30 years ago, though I still talk to JW's occasionally (mainly because of family connections). I have bumped into JW's a few times that tell me that they were at that Convention. Only thing I miss about it was the ocean!

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