Pilot project - Jehovah's Witnesses in Manhattan

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  • LogCon


    The above you tube link shows JW's setting up the new cart complete with recorded interviews of the Witnesses who are tending them.

    In addition, the JW reporter interviews people on the street for their reaction. The comments individuals make are very positive, such as the following:

    1:33 - "... I think it's a good approach...if you have an eye catching sign... people look over and see what it is..."

    1:50 - "... I think it's important people know there's a choice and, if they feel so inclined, it's here for them to take away with them..."

    1:55 - "... I think it's fine... why not?..."

    2:00 - "...I think that's what Bible literature is all about...free of charge, spread the word, get it to the people..."

    I have two questions

    1 - What would Jehovahs Witnesses say about Catholic, Baptist or Budhist literature carts it THEY were asked, by a reporter, on the street?

    2 - If the Society has repeatedly preached that the world of mankind will rise up in anger against Jehovahs people, why is the Society showing warm and toasty approval, by the public, of their literature carts? Reasonably, would not they want to show people upset and angry, to verify what they have been preaching?

  • Phizzy

    In answer to your last question, (we all know the answer to the first ! LOL), would this video have been heavily edited by any chance ?

    Obviously yes. So why do the WT/JW.Org Mob want to show the cart work in a favourable light ? Because they want the JW's to take it up and imagine it is a wonderful new service to the public, and feel as they do so that they are following "Jehovah's direction".

    I would love to see the no doubt many negative reactions which ended up "on the cutting room floor".

  • Ocean1111

    I know many may not see it this way, but it seems the JW ministry is now a dated drone of repetition. (In other words it needs an equally impersonal drone aid, like the comatose Kiosk set-up, the modern day "phonograph" of Charles Russell.)

    Back in 1950 when a JW said: "Hello, the United Nations is the scarlet wildbeast of Revelation 17", it sort of got some feedback way back then.

    People at least respected JWs could since 1919 to 1945, tie in both UN "placements" into their theological and prophetic dialogue with modern events relating to world government to play off the "Kingdom message" at the same time. JWs used to at least get some people thinking about what the UN might turn into some day, and it seemed as though JWs were paying attention to the world around them in those days.

    In the 60s, probably before they coined the term, JWs were the ultimate "conspiracy theorists". Now Jehovah's witnesses call other people "conspiracy theorists" when they try to tie in the latest version of JWs to the UN NGO anomaly.

    No one calls JWs "conspiracy theorists" nowadays because JWs have NOTHING controversial or insightful to "report". Those 1950 on the ball UN tracking ministry days is over. It is old hat, dated, done, dead, irrelevant now. It's an echoe, a plagiarism of itself, a copy, a mimic. JWs have derailed into a 1970 time warp, their brains go no further into world events than 1945 UN 2.0.

    Now a Jehovah's witnesses on the street goes: "Hello, the United Nations is the scarlet wildbeast "8th King" of Revelation 17, did you know that???"

    Now the person on the street goes: "Oh yeah, the UN placed a third time in 1990 after the Cold War. You know, as "New World Order", in your Awake! 9/8/1991? I guess that is further proof the UN is the wildbeast 8th King and King North too boot, it seems you JWs missed that one eh?"

    JW: "Say what? THIRD UN placement? What you talkin' bout Willis?"

    Person on the street: "You know the UN "placement" you JWs all co-promoted as UN NGO for ten years running? Remember?, while saying nothing about prophecy or world government significance, recall??"

    JW: "We did?" "We what?"

    So now the man on the street, be him rapper, 12 year old geo-politics enthusiast or Ron Paul, is the one who now updates Jehovah's witnesses to updated reality because JWs have lost track of their own ministry to the point they can no longer explain anything, including their own message.

    So they need a Kiosk and some sound bites to pull it off. If JWs don't see the third UN placement meaning (Dan8:23; 11:31b), they certainly will have no idea what the fourth UN placement means. (Dan8:25, 11:45)

  • ABibleStudent

    I feel that the WTBTS propaganda carts are a great idea by the WTBTS to thin the flock. I can hardly wait to encounter one myself. May be the WTBTS will have a cart at the Salsa Festival this weekend!!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • steve2

    In the business world, it's called Impression Management.

    We live in an age of Instantaneous Connections.

    We modern folk connect with pre-programmed warm fuzzies and coo snugly when someone we don't know says, "Have a nice day, won't you?" - and in between the superifical touchy-feelies, we sneak in a sanitized line or two about how bad conditions in the world are.

    Then we sip with satisfaction on our McCafe lattes whilst we play on our ipads poring over pictures of lovely, architecturally-designed homes we will only ever inhabit in the new system. Life's tough in Manhattan.

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