"The Irrepressible Mr Lett" video...and Covert Hypnosis

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    1)The Irrepressible Mr. Lett:


    2)A random site that explains simple covert hypnosis


    Building Rapport

    Building Rapport is very easy to do, building rapport simply means making a connection with that person which allows them to trust you. You already have Rapport with friends and family, and building Rapport with someone knew is easy. Mirroring someones body language, making eye contact and laughing at their jokes help build Rapport with someone very quickly. Once the Rapport is built, you can move on to the next step.

    Switch Off The Critical Mind

    Switching off the Critical Mind is best done by using words and phases such as “Imagine” or “What If” using these phrases immediately bypass the Critical Mind and move straight into the imagination which is very important. If you ask someone to imagine something, then they will immediately imagine that in their head. For example, “What if a black cat could fly” Chances are, you’re now imagining a flying black cat. Switching off the Critical Mind leads right into giving hypnotic commands, which is the third and final important step.

    Giving Hypnotic Commands

    Once you’ve completed the first two steps, you can then begin to give someone hypnotic commands and start making them do things that you’d like them to do. For example, if you want to calm someone down and lower their stress levels, the following paragraph should work well in doing that.

    Imagine you’re on a beach somewhere, listening to the waves lapping at the shoreline, imagine soft, soothing music playing in the background with the warm sun glowing down onto you, what if you could feel incredibly relaxed and happy, with no care in the world? Can you imagine that? Imagine how nice you’d be able to feel if that were possible.”

    I’ve put the hypnotic commands in italics, as you can see I’m being repetitive in saying the word “imagine” and i’m also playing into their other senses, such as being able to hear the music, and feeling the warm sun on their skin. If you’re repetitive and play into someones senses, they will really be able to imagine themselves their and their stress levels should drop almost immediately.

    Remember, this can work on anyone at anytime, as long as you follow these three, but yet important steps into convert hypnosis

  • Ocean1111

    Whether people considered what JWs said as true or not Jehovah's witnesses used to track the UN world developments like a hound dog. They sort of tracked UN developments as the parallel of the "Kingdom ministry" as the rival "8th King" system. But in 1990 that all changed when instead of tracking the 3rd UN presentation of 1990, instead Bethel became a UN NGO co-promoter of the UN "New World Order". (Awake! 9/8/1991)

    Now what is very weird here is ANY "UN" activity should have been the biggest news on earth to Bethel and JWs. I mean half their ministry was tracking that entity in 1919 and 1945 and making it part of their "ministerial exposure". But in 1990 the UN fell totally off the JW radar. Even if they were faking it they should have at least made it believable and stuck with the old formula of "vigilance".

    Instead JWs are about the most literally backward people on earth, they do not perceive world change past 1960 significance. In effect Bethel says the first two UN placements were "prophecy fulfilling", but the 3rd UN placement is neither significant in the world or in prophecy, and world government is not a prophecy. Instead they stuffed the Watchtower and Awake! with over 70 "new world order" quotes and references such as the UN General Assembly "placement" quotes of George Bush Sr. in the UN NGO kick off issue of Awake! September 8, 1991.

    I think turning Bethel into a UN DPI co-promotional apparatus as NGO, which is a UN supporting entity requiring two-sided approval, does require some sort of hypnotism because to JWs it seems like a light or non-existent matter. Although JWs and Bethel stumbled millions with this "reproach" at global scale for a whole secret decade finally exposed by the secular media, JWs do not seem to notice or care, they have assumed the same level of self-assumption and hubris as their lead Governing Body of Traitors.

    Like the wave of a watch over 40 years, the GB has also transformed the entire JW religion into a ridiculous commercial and multi-billion dollar cash cow of liquidation that they are milking at new astounding levels of theft. Things are not looking good for comatose JWs overall as Bethel prepares to hit the fan and scatter JWs, call off it's own ministry, and disappear into the night, imo.

  • lisaBObeesa

    Building Rappot: body language, facial expressions

    Switch off the critical mind: starts around 2:12-ish….“imagine” etc

    Hypnotic commands: The constantly repeated three “questions” that are really commands 1) Don't give you divotion to ANYTHING other than the JW religion 2) Don't let negative thoughts, sex, education, or your job distract you from the JW religion 3) You personally as an individual have felt Jah's strength and love in you life so you personally KNOW the JWs are right.

    (Ocean, thanks for the comment, but not understanding what it has to do with the thread...)

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