Brother Jake on Tithing (Follow the Money Trail)

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  • cultBgone

    We're always saying the way to reach someone still "in" is to share parallel information about other religions and Bro. Jake's videos (with very minor variations) are almost interchangeable between Mormons and Witnesses.


  • A.proclaimer

    Someone should do a version of this video for the Watchtower. Guy makes a point about transparency, If an organization claimed to be the only channel of God, why can't it be transparent on it's money?

  • Terry

    Satire is great. I tried in my new novel. I have to wonder if it is effective, however.

    I'd love to hear from anybody who suddenly perked up and started critically thinking because of satire.

    To my way of thinking, something like that video is scaled down to the salient points and is far more entertaining

    than hours of arguing, preaching or fighting.

  • This is my tigersuit
    This is my tigersuit

    freaking awesome! a mormon apostate! haha

  • LostGeneration

    All of this guys content is awesome!

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