Hercules/Samson who came first??

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  • jam

    This was discuss two years ago, here. I never realize the Greek God

    Hercules a different name the same as Samsom.LOL

    Hercules..slay lion with bare hands.

    Samson...Judges 13:6 slay lion with bare hands.

    Hercules capture wild animals.

    Samson..Judges 15:4

    Hercules comes from the tribe of Dan.

    Guess what, Samson..Judges 13:2-25

    Is this another story stolen by the Bible writers??

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Hercules was invented around 1400 BC by the greeks. Not be outdone, the jews invented Samson some 3 or 4 hundred years later. At least that's how I remember it... I could be wrong.

  • Dis-Member
  • jam

    Thanks Dis-member for the info.....

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