Chart showing Governing Body Members and Committees as of October, 1999

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  • truthseeker

    I have had this document for some time. I think it was either given out at Pioneer School or at one of the Pioneer meetings with the Circuit Overseer.

    How things have changed in 15 years. The box called "Faithful & Discreet Slave" never existed. It is the Governing Body.

    They fooled all 7 million of us into thinking that there was this mysterious group of anointed Christians providing spiritual truths to the Governing Body when all along, none of the anointed outside of Bethel had any meaningful input.

    What a crock.

  • Ucantnome

    i don't think they had pioneer school when i pioneered. thankfully.

  • LostGeneration

    Only third in line to be masters of the universe?

    These days they are virtual co-rulers with Jehoobie himself, Jesus seems to have been demoted in most literature.

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