National newspaper interview with JW's using the trolley

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  • Gorbatchov

    A dutch national newspaper (Trouw) published an interview with some JW's using the trolley near the trainstation of Utrecht.

    The local coordinator of the trolley work acknowledged that many witness are not enthusiastic about preaching. It's a wide spread rumor in our organization.

    But the witness Elders will remind them personally that preaching is nessasery.

    Then there is an question asked about the witness selection procedure for the trolley work.

    The good looking pioneer sister answered she can imagine the need for selection because nobody would take a book from an old age leaning forward woman without teeth.


  • jgnat

    What a sweetheart. I am wishing a particular old age for her, one she imagines she will never see.

  • NotNew

    So its using "sex" to sell place?


  • FadeToBlack

    Love it: coordinator of the trolley work. Must look nice on a CV... A whole new category of work related titles. Assistant coordinator, Senior trolley person, junior trolley person. Trolley repair team, etc...

  • whathappened

    The elders called on my nephew about two weeks ago because he hasn't been to meetings in the past 3 years. He told them he couldn't come back because he didn't want to go door to door and have to explain about the generation teaching, which he doesn't understand. They told him the preaching work was coming to and end, they are not focusing on it much anymore. They said the end is so close, the "door is closing" and they were just instructed to try to reach out to the inactive ones...WOW!!! What BS!!!

  • FadeToBlack

    @whatHappened: yes, now you don't have to go D2D. If you qualify, you can just stand behind a trolley directing 'interested ones' to

  • ABibleStudent

    It must have been a slow news day when they printed that story, Gorbatchov. After MH17 was shot down, I doubt that story would have been printed.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • InquiryMan
  • BobFlanagan007

    @ fadetoblack - They did that to me, I asked them about 1975 and was told by the youngish man manning the trolley to look it up on Bad choice really as nothing screams apostate louder than 1975 does it? Anyways, since that day I've been carrying a detailed list of 5 omissions/lies I found on (So you're not creationists? How comes the website implies that the work is only funded by voluntary donations? So you're not a sect? So you've not made any changes to the Bible? So people are free to leave your religion?) which I'm going to confront them with. Unfortunately the one time I got back to that part of town since then the trolley was being manned by a little old lady of 70+ and thinking of my own late grandmother I just didn't have the heart to confront her. Oh well, maybe next time...

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