South Africa Bethel Dance Party!

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  • Atlantis

    South Africa Bethel Dance Party . . Petra

  • Listener

    They have a very large Bethal Branch in South Africa, on the Video the guy says currently 988 and they are expanding.


    However it does seem a new trend has emerged out of this years round of IC's. My guess is these folk are visiting the Bethel after attending the IC in Harare Zimbabwe.

    Other shots are of them visiting the Lion Park just down the road from the Bethel.


    Johnny Clegg

    Great "White" muso / Anthropologist and fluent speaker of the Zulu language.

    Yes the South African Bethel is now large - a lot of the translation is not even done there but on "satellite" campuses in certain other cities.

    Enjoy the music clip !!! Let me know what you think of it please

    AFRIKANMAN - Cape Town

  • hamsterbait

    If i were still in , I should call this a disgraceful use of a Kingdumb Hell.

    it is like a voodoo service in Haiti



    I would LOVE to be in the room when those old GB goons watch this video. I'm sure that prissy stuffed-shirt Anthony Morris (The Turd) will literally have a bowel movement right there. Look for upcoming GB speeches to stress that there should be no 'overzealous show of emotion' on any KH or Bethel stage. The GB will definitely tighten up on these joyful gatherings.

  • Listener

    The Video was first uploaded on Youtube in January, 2014. It is interesting that this is different to the other party video's we have seen. This was a show put on by South African Bethelites for visitors.

    Visits to Bethel HQ may actually turn into a mini theme park, they are certainly heading that way.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I like seeing people singing and dancing and being happy. However, the org always says the same rules apply everywhere so if it's okay in south africa it should be okay in all places.

  • millie210

    That looked dignified, restrained and iin keeping with their culture.

    Unlike the "Happy" video here in the States.....

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