second malaysian plane down

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  • prologos

    not that this is directly wt related.

    Images from the crash area indivate that the plane was burning as it crashed. Light debris was falling out of the smoke trail before the impact and other images show two distinct smoke plumes, one on approach the other after the impact. this was not a vertical dive.

    One of the theories about the first Malaysian plane dissappearance is an incident with dangerous cargo catching fire.

    2 planes of the same airlime? more of a coincident?

    perhaps it was not a shooting at all?

  • sir82

    Seems to have been shot down.

    To shoot down a plane at 33,000 feet would take some pretty sophisticated weapons & training.

    Can't figure out why either side would shoot it down on purpose, but I also can't understand how it could be shot down by mistake.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I saw that Ukrainian reported that it was a Russian missle. The Ukraine is hardly a neutral source. More than 300 people were passengers.

  • Qcmbr

    Separatists posted earlier about shooting down military aircraft and about capturing a BUK anti aircraft missile system. They have since removed the posts. It is highly likely they just made a tragic error. I suspect the Ukraine will get lots of support now and further sanctions against Russia may well be in the mix. Not a good day.

  • Quarterback

    MSN news claim that the Rocket was given to the Pro Russian Rebels. The plane was flying 33,000 ft when it was hit. 22 Americans were on board

  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    The conspiracy theories will be in full flow flight 17 brought down on the 17/07. MASONS AND OTHER OCCULTISTS REVERE THE NUMBER '33' ABOVE ALL OTHER NUMBERS. 33,000 feet was where the plane was downed.

  • DJS

    Based on the evening news reports, there is a phone conversation from a Russian Ukranian separatist who is heard stating they shot a plane down. The missile battery is supposedly from Russia, but all of this isn't definite. It is unclear why the Malyasian pilots fly this route. According to evening news, the US has issued directives to the commercial flights under its jurisdiction to avoid this sector, for obvious reasons. The Malaysians continue to perplex. Flying through this area, given the war zone and that other planes have already been brought down, is beyond clueless.

    Anyway, too early to make judgments. 33,000 feet is called normal.

  • prologos

    one of the news chanels got a clip of worker on the ground, in front of the grey tents carrying one of the black (really ORANGE) boxes away. so:

    the recording devices were found, they are in the hands of the controllers. The plane came apart in mid air. It was not a defensive shot by the government to defend against rebel aircraft.

    It has the same theme as Vincennes, Kamchatka, very very tragic.

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