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  • LouBelle

    In South Africa we have Mandela Day on the 18th of July - it was his birday and people in SA celebrate it by spending at least 67 minutes helping someone or helping a cause

    This year, my friends and I are helping out a horse sactuary in desperate need of food for their animals. We are ording in hay, shandy chubes and hay presto. We will visit the sanctuary over the weekend. Hopefully we can do this more than just once.

    In life be kind, be polite.

  • outforever

    Hi Loubell,

    I am her mother (wonderful that we are both out!) fantastic relashionship we have: we can discuss anything together: last year we both protested outside the assembly: (it was just the 2 of us) hah great fun....anyway getting back to 67 min in South Africa: many many people set aside this time (and not only 67 min) to give a helping hand in honor of Mandela.

    Last time most people at our work went to a state hospital to clean up: and it sure needed a clean. Some knit for the poor and cold: and some just do not do anything: which is fine because everyone has their own idea on this country and how it is being run: and what the future is for South Africa...but Mandela was one a kind: so in that respect many people put aside their differences to honor him and him alone by helping out.


    Howzit Durbs !!!!!

    We are having such "kak" weather down here in Mammas City !

    I am going to do a late night neighbourhood patrol of about 2 hours - Kamikaze Shift Midnight till about 02h00 - always something going down at that time !

    Wife and I are already involved in teaching groups of Informal settlement dwellers how to create Veggie Gardens from the minimal of space and resources - absolute fun and its so appreciated.

    You see...............so we have this sister from a country north of us who works for us. She is as most of them folk are .....uber-faithful / zealous etc etc

    so she is skilled at being a WT Bible and Tract Sales Representative - but she has not been taught basic life skills - - survival skills in her case- Such has how to make a small veggie garden to survive off.

    Surely we ought to be FIRST taking care of equipping the 'hood' with such skills????????

    But oh no-

    And of course she is living away from her family in Malawi in order to earn some money to send back to them - to survive back there,

    Now was she stricken with guilt with the WT a week or so ago regarding working in a foreign land and did the brothers not half lay into her ! Wow ! When she spoke to me on the Monday after the study she was so upset - she is only trying to earn something to send back home to keep them alive - hubby was wiped out in a car accident ,

    This is absolute borderline existance stuff - She lives in a Shack ie some wood/ corrugated iron / Plastic No Sanitation

    And would the local cong [which is very high end financially "dip in" to assist ? "if individuals feel inclined to do so they may but the cong funds are "dedicated funds" [DEDICATED FOR WHAT FUCKING PURPOSE]

  • quellycatface

    That's a lovely thing to do.

    The world needs more people like you guys.

  • zeb

    "dedicated funds"... i am beyond words. I think of the parabel of the good samaritan..

  • insearchoftruth

    What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing LouBelle!

  • cultBgone

    Great thread!

    Wouldn't it be cool if we grouped together to assist others in similar ways? Many good-hearted people are duped into the borg because they truly want to help people. We never lose that inner desire to help others, and it's true that there's no better way to make yourself happy than to help others.

    This could actually serve dual purposes:

    1. Providing REAL HELP as opposed to not teaching nonsense to our fellow citizens of the earth (atonement?)
    2. Bringing joy to our own hearts (healing)

    Associating with other helpful people would also provide an open platform to calmly (no wild "apostate" behavior that would allow gb to finger-point) explain how we love to help people but were not "allowed" to do this type of work when we were under the borg's influence. People need their eyes opened and this would be a nice side-effect, perhaps.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Many people volunteer in the United States on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

  • outforever

    Afikanman - that is so called "love" they are quite happy if the sister has no way of making money to live - but they will not "dip" in the goldern pot of "dedicated" money to jah to help her.

    Nice that you do the run in the "hood" must be scary!!

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