Kingdom Halls Are the Perfect Safe Harbor For Pedophiles and Sex Offenders!

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    Why is the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses perfectly suited for Pedophiles and Sex Offenders to park their boat (bodies)? I live by the coastal area of one of the windiest and treacherous waters ships sail through. During the Spanish Expansion they lost their share because the captains did not realize how unforgiving the tempestuous winds and strong current was. Finally, the Spanish discovered a sheltered region, a “cove of safety” they could anchor at until the waters and winds calmed down, a perfect area locally had plenty of shellfish, fish, large and small game and wild fruits and greens. The Cove o Safety was perfect, the perfect place to weather a rough storm while having access to food and shelter. The Kingdom Halls are the most perfect place for Pedophiles and Child Sex Offenders. How? Let’s run through a few ideas and you can make up your mind.

    Child Sex Offenders, Perverts, Predators are under attack from various State and Federal Agencies, Anderson Cooper 360 reported the under-cover sting used by the aggressive Florida Sherriff who figured out Pedophiles are working at Family based Theme-Parks. What better place to work than a Theme Park where parents assume their children are safe (maybe not everyone, there’s plenty of members on JWN who were paranoid and super protective of their family or nieces and nephews like me!) and lower their guard, allowing CHOMOs access to a mild frisk or hug, some even arranged to meet children they met, who would think the guy working next to Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck is bad? The percentage of pedophiles is really low when you compare them to the 300,000 plus workers, it’s low but it’s still too high, some of these Pedophiles had records so how did they slip through the system? I think it has to do with the low-wages and lack of standards because these Theme Parks’ pay-scale is very low making it challenging to find qualified help. Let’s tie all of this in to the Kingdom Hall and their quest to seek Kingdom Proclaimers (Free Help, Unpaid skilled labor and Perps with money, they might donate!) We all went out in Field Service and Pioneers needed as much "busy work" as we could get. Remember the creepy people you spent time with, human excrement we wasted trying to get hours for selfish and merciless organization. We spent valuable time talking to people we would never associate with in Life but when you are running low on Hours or trying to keep your status as "Pioneer", we were forced to visit with human trash. I found out there were lots of Perps on the Registry and these people often would listen to us talk Watchtower verbiage while our householder is mentally un-dressing the brother or sister next to us. It’s easy for the Governing Body to push pseudo-urgency by agitating their masses in to action. In your Kingdom Hall, how many brothers checked the Sex Offender’s Registry before inviting them to come join us?

    The Kingdom Hall is the perfect shelter because of the implicit “gag order”, we were taught to be abused and keep our mouths shut from childhood. Bullies abound, both men and women are allowed to do things to their brothers without any type of repercussions. Is it by accident Fredrick Mclean is the highest decorated Pedophile in the United States and ranks Number 1 on the FBI’s Pervert “Most Wanted List”. We all know that pedophiles figured out the Kingdom Hall is their safe cove, nobody will talk if Brother CHOMO puts his hands on a little girls lap or gropes here! Kingdom Halls are especially choice for Pedophiles with positions. The Elder Body discovered this brother was a pedophile, he claimed he was “reformed and no longer had pedophile urges”. It’s amazing how creative the BOE was when they tried to figure out if this brother needed to be punished. The pedophile worked at Bethel and was above the age of 18 years old when he was forcing sex on little boys. I guess the BOE did not want his job, finding a weird angle, they said “Jehovah has been using you for years, if you were really a a bad man, Jehovah would have kicked you out!” See how easy that was, you have a man who forced himself on little boys who has yet to be publically reproved for his sins. Was it by coincidence he took all those young boys to the beach in his big Ford F 350 Van? When the victims of the Perp finally came forward, the Watchtower did not do anything to the Perp, quietly they deleted him from being a Elder. Today, showing how well their God is working I saw the Pedophile driving around with the COBE and his wife, it’s kind of like a Pedophile standing next to Anthony Morris or Steve Lett, by having such close contact with the sex-offender, most JWs would never think to ask “Why was brother ChoMo? He must be a good man because the COBE and Elder Body associate with him more than they do with the rest of the Kingdom Hall. “F’ing man! Why did he come forward with all the allegations and bring a good man down?” That’s some of the hate mail the victims got when they exposed the Sex Offender. The Congregation started to attack the victim and rally close to the Perp, it’s how things are done when your organization is based on donations and as much free labor as possible. Sorry for being long winded, it brought back memories and shows how messed up the Watchtower is!


    U.S. Marshals looking for Frederick McClean, a most wanted fugitive, in Eugene

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    Iown Mylife

    Welcome! and thank you for this post.


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    The Cnn video report on the predators working at the theme parks. Good points Bill.

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    Still Totally ADD

    Welcome and you hit the nail right on the head on this subject. Still Totally ADD

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