On the Most Wanted list:

by stillin 5 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • stillin

    Today's CNN News has an article that consists of some of the fugitives in the US. Frederick McClean is among them. He was a Witness and "evidently" was molesting the children, big time.

    I wish I could say that there's a guy that looks like him in my congregation! I could enjoy "detaining" him while we wait for the police to show!

  • joe134cd

    That guy has been on the run for some time now. Must be coming up to 10 years. I guess he's as good at concealing himself as what he was at concealing his crimes.

  • Bob_NC

    On the run for 10 years and not found yet? He is likely in the "Witness" protection program. You know, no two witnesses to his crimes, so the Witnesses protect him from the worldly authorities.

  • daringhart13

    Likely serving as a 'missionary' on a remote island

  • PaulaCaptiva
  • hamsterbait

    Anybody know if the murderor who was seen smoking (OMG!!!!) was caught and tried?

    Google Murder Letter, where the sickciety says that turning him in for his crime would have devastating consequences, then say a JC should be formed to determine his guilt in the much more serious crime of smoking. Obviously taking the life of another human being or raping children are minor eccentricities in Dub la la land.


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