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    Someone on my Facebook posted this. Some dummy got a pamphlet that talked about the convention, the "one world government and who can lead" pamphlet. He proceeds to go on a righteously indignant tirade about how JWs say they're Christian but want a one world government, "the very thing the Bible warns about!"

    Another gem: "The more interesting aspect of the Jehovah's Witness sect might lie in the fact that the organization has historically been apolitical, as members are not supposed to even vote. However, with the group now pushing the idea of a One-World Government as established by man, which, once again, is an adjunct of the New World Order, the argument could easily be made that the cult has apparently made the decision to veer hard Left and directly into the ranks of Big Government Statists."

    Seriously, what an idiot haha. I'm not even a JW and I know they're talking about Jesus and the time after the "end of the world." A TEENY TINY bit of research could have explained this for him. I just thought I'd share.

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    They are talking about Jesus but this just demonstrates how deceptive they can be in order to capture the interest of others.

    God's kingdom is not a Wordly Government it is a heavenly rulership. I knew there was something that disturbed me about the phrase that they use (One World Government) but couldn't put my fingure on it until your post.

    Problem is that when the organization gets too tricky with their talk this is the fallout.

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    Listener - Yeah, I know they were being a bit provocative to get people interested in their conventions. It's understandable that this was the guy's first reaction, but he probably should have looked into things a bit before he wrote this giant diatribe!

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    I'm sorry but i've gone past seeing the funny side to this. There are a number of ex JWs that believe the WTBTS is involved in a so called coming of a New World Order. It sounds like the writer of this blog is also an ex JW.

    It's even been discussed on this forum a number of times. Some believe in the idea that Russell was connected to the Freemasons and that the WTBTS still is. They also believe that the WTBTS is part of the Illuminati. Both these things have been said to be driving the push for a One World Government.

    For a time the WTBTS tried to distance itself from using the term One World Government or the New World Order. It is disturbing that they brought out this pamphlet using that term.

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