Has " The Truth" become the biggest enemy which the Watchtower Corporation faces today ?

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  • Finkelstein

    We are now well into the pivotal year marking 100 years since Jesus had supposedly took position of his

    earthly/heavenly kingdom as promoted by the WTS. revealing something truly about this expressed

    doctrine concerning that year, nothing has happened out of the ordinary which would signify mankind

    is living in end times or last days.

    What ?

    "This generation" which was supposed to witness these last days since 1914 have all but died,

    in spite of the WTS. vain attempt to double over "This generation" in a effort to elongate this

    supposed biblical end times .


    What's happening now though is that people are starting to see the indulgent corruption of how the

    WTS. operated itself pretty much throughout all of the 20th century. Making grandiose claims that

    millions would never die, Christ has returned and Armageddon to occur soon. ..... etc

    Nevertheless great marketing concepts for a publishing house to utilize and you had the bible to also exploit as a

    self supporting vehicle.

    The WTS. was and still is a commercialized fraud created by its leading directorial heads, acknowledged not by

    its own inherent corruption alone but by outside religious theologians as well.


    Thinking retrospectively what religion isn't structured impart upon lies, ignorance, fear and superstition

    complacently devised to empower a select few men ?

  • designs

    Jesus uttered the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger line 2000 years ago "I'll be back!"

    So far its been colossal dud....

  • prologos

    he is also outdone by Gen Mc Arthur who promised the philippinos " babalik ako"" I will be back. "

  • berrygerry

    The True Truth ??? has always been a thorn.

    The exposability of same via the internet is the enemy.

  • Finkelstein

    Probably the biggest reason for myself to realize something was a miss with the WTS. and its promotion of the end times doctrine was that pretty much

    all established doctrines such as 1914 , 1975 ie.., couldn't hold up to be solidly backed by bible scripture and most professional bible theologians couldn't

    see or agree with then either.

    More like lets create doctrines to attract attention toward the proliferation of literature first and foremost rather than spending time to gather up support from

    other theological sources.

    One could say the WTS. exercised its own religious freedom in their own self supporting way offered by the Satan's own government sponsored US Constitution.

    People are aware that there has been a publishing house with a agenda operating behind the JWS ........ well smart critically cautious people at least.

  • Crazyguy

    The truth has been killing religion for thousands of years. Maybe it has something to do with god never being around when you need him...

  • Focus

    Maybe it has something to do with god never being around when you need him...



    ("Corrigendum" Class)

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