Jehovah hates violence and sex.

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  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I've heard Psalm 11 and 1 Thessolonians 4 crammed down the throat so many times it's not funny.

    If I was still a beliver (I'm not):

    Jehovah hates violence:

    ****ing lie!

    Genesis is not that bad right? Jah kilsl billions in chapter 7... Simeon and Levi slaughter people... etc. Exodus had Moses tell people to slaughter their relatives. Levitcus has people put to death because they were drunk making sacrifices. Numbers ia a hellhole of violence. Deteronomy and Joshua love to deal with salughter of Canaanites so that non are left that breathe. Lets read the book of Judges.... 1 Samuele- 2 Samuel.. Kings... Chronicles... Esther... The Pslamists pray for people arm to break, teeth be broken and babies head's bashed in. Proverbs wants up to put a knife to our throat if we are hungry in front of a king. The prophets are almost all violent and Nahum stands out.

    The New Testament had the same dumb story 4 times of a man being tortured to death (Jesus). Acts s bad too with beating, god killing liars... demons attacking people and Herod's dying (To be honest the Herod story in Acts is taken from Josephus but he liked violence too)

    The Episles are not as bad other the that everyone that quotes the OT quotes the worst stories.

    The Revelation... Blood all over horse slipping in it.

    Okay Jehovah loves violence


    Genesis: Incest numerous times. Sex tarde by Laban. Judah and Tamar. Women ripping men's clothes off (Joseph)

    Leviticus deal with sex discharges.

    Deuteronomy says if a woman grabs a mans nuts her hand is cut off.

    Joshua has a harlot. Judges does too as well as gang rape

    Ruth likely has a sex scene

    1 Samuel has David cvutting 200 men's penisis off.

    2 Samuel has David's famous sex sin\

    King and Chronicles has numerous sex scenes

    Ezra-Nemiah has forceful divorces...

    Esther has hidden sex scenes

    Proverbs has a harlot in chapter 7

    Song of Solomon... is lol

    The prophets talk alot about sex

    Hosea stands out but maybe Ezekiel in chapter 23 with donkey's testicals comes out.

    The gospels have harlots always throwing themselves at Jesus.

    The Episles has Paul calling homosexuals god-haters

    Revelation has a harlot.

    Why people think they can take Psalm 11 and 1 Thessolnians 4 and bash a congregation with 2 chapter out of 1189 is stupid!

  • TG-Jasper

    So true!

    I don't remember if there's sex in any of the bible stories for children, but there's plenty of violence.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    He wasn't married to Mary

  • Trapped in JW land
    Trapped in JW land

    I cannot stand when The Watchtower constantly condemns "worldy" entertainment for all its immorality and violence. Yet their "holy" book, contains so much violence and sex it makes a lot of R rated films seem tame by comparison.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    I have a young child under the age of 10. Over the last few years I was trying to do what I *was told* and teach her stories from the Bible. I attempted to use the JW Bible Story Book. What I found myself doing is scanning through all the different chapters and only finding a handful that I felt was appropriate subject matter for my child. Almost every single story in the book contained violence or other horrific things going on that my very lovely and innocent child has no need to know. Not to mention that the OVERWHELMING GUILT AND FEAR being heaped on in every chapter as the "moral of the story". NO THANKS!!! I'll teach my child the things they need to know about Jehovah, Jesus and our real faith with my own filter on it instead of the highly distasteful BORG spin on everything.

    I have said many times over the years to any JW that would listen........ If a movie was made about the Bible and the actual scenes were shown as they are described in the bible (as the OP listed out so beautifully), the movie would be rated XX and would not be able to be shown in any movie theater in this country.

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